WWE Wanted Heath Slater Back, Details On Undertaker’s Speech

WWE Heath Slater Back
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Former WWE star Heath Slater recently revealed that the WWE wanted him back. Sadly, the offer they presented wasn’t exactly a lucrative one.

WWE Wanted Heath Slater Back

Heath Slater visited The Angle Podcast recently. He talked about his WWE career, release from the company, and other things.

For those that recall, the company let go of a number of talent around this time last year. Nearing the first anniversary of this, Slater was reflected and stated the WWE tried to get him back.

Interestingly enough, the WWE wasn’t the only promotion that reached out. Slater noted he spoke to New Japan, ROH, as well as AEW.


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Half Of What He Made

Slater would land on IMPACT Wrestling when all was said and done. According to Heath, the WWE offered him a new contract that was half of what he was making.

Slater nicely declined the offer. He revealed that he never burned any bridges.

In fact, Heath also stated that he still talks to over half the people in the company. He went on to say that there were no hard feelings.

Sounds like the decline was accepted with understanding from the WWE. After all, he seems to be still friends with a lot of people from the WWE.

Interestingly enough, AEW asked Heath to do a three-week stint. Unfortunately, he was already committed to IMPACT at that point.

Moving away from a former WWE talent, there’s some news about a future WWE Hall of Famer. Moreover, added details around a retirement speech that could’ve been longer.

Details On Undertaker’s Speech

It’s still weird to watch a WrestleMania happen without the Undertaker. After all, he created a significant impact on the flagship event and WWE.

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Sadly, Taker stepped away from the ring in November 2020. The WWE did something very special for him during the Survivor Series pay-per-view that year.

Some fans noted disappointment with the few words from the Deadman during his retirement speech. The Phenom recently spoke about this during an appearance on The Victory Over Injury Podcast.

No Words …

Taker stated that he kept the speech short because he was “at peace” with his decision. But, it was still tough for him to know it would the last time he was walking into a ring as “The Undertaker”.

Simply put, The Deadman didn’t want to turn into a “blubbering idiot” (his words). Therefore, he decided to keep his retirement speech short and simple.

It does make sense. After all, he’s worked so hard over the years to keep the image of The Phenom intact.

He’s also gone the extra mile over the years. He’s often remained in character during moments where other superstars relaxed on their persona.

It’s hard to imagine Taker even getting emotional while in character. He’s undeniably been a talent who’s showed very little of himself while performing in front of fans.

The Undertaker has carved a legacy in this business like no one else. While he’s stepped away from the ring, there’s always the potential for him to come back in a “coaching” role.