WWE Superstars Push For Fans’ Return, Elias Praised By HOF Name

Superstars Push Fans’ Return
Source: JRH, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE held its first live event with fans in attendance this past WrestleMania 37. Superstars feed off the energy of crowds, so it’s no surprise that talent is currently pushing for fans’ return.

WWE Superstars Push For Fans’ Return

UFC 261 that took place this past weekend had a massive crowd in attendance. As per Wrestle Votes on Twitter, it also happened to be the topic of chatter backstage at Monday Night RAW.

The social media handle recently posted an interesting tweet. It noted that many WWE superstars we talking about UFC 261, and *almost* all feel that live crowds should return.

Not 100% Capacity, Just Yet

It’s important to note that talent isn’t advocating 100% capacity. They simply feel that fans in attendance to some capacity would work. 

Will some fans become a “thing” at the Thunderdome during RAW and SmackDown LIVE? One can only hope this is the case.

It’s important to note that WWE controls fan reaction when they tune in virtually. Each “boo” and “cheer” is piped in.

The beauty of WM 37 is the organic reaction of the live crowd that wasn’t filtered by the WWE. This is missed by superstars, and fans at home, alike.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the sporting events that are taking place with live crowds right now, fans on WWE television could be considered.

On to other wrestling news, Elias is getting some massive applause from a WWE Hall of Famer. In fact, the wrestling legend feels as if there is something very “special” about the superstar.

Elias Praised By HOF Name

Elias is getting some praise from a WWE Hall of Famer. Inducted in the 2019 HOF class, Jeff Jarrett thinks the superstar is pretty “cool”.

WWE Pushing Fans' Return

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

For those that may remember, Jarrett and Elias started the 2019 Royal Rumble. Plus, their gimmicks are somewhat similar.

Jeff was a singer that toted a guitar, much like Elias. Perhaps that is why Jarrett is so fond of him.

Elias Has “Natural” Charisma

All joking aside, the wrestling legend sat down for an interview with Sportskeeda recently. During that time, Jarrett noted he believes Elias can go as far as he wants in sports entertainment.

Why is that? Well, Jeff thinks Elias has “natural” charisma.

He went on to state that Elias has a “cool vibe”. The HOFer also revealed that Elias is a talent that has to take the “bull” by its horns and just keep going.

Jeff also noted that Elias has a lot of talent both inside and outside the squared circle. He added that the WWE star was a “natural” showman.

Jeff Jarrett has an incredible wrestling legacy that touched not only the WWE but other promotions. He is set to share stories about his career on a new podcast called My World.

My World will be released soon to the AdFreeShows network. This platform includes podcasts from Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, Jim Ross, Kurt Angle, and others.