WWE Sends Mickie James Belongings To Her In A Trash Bag

Mickie James Gets Personal Belongings in a Trash Bag
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WWE veteran Mickie James got her personal belongings sent to her by the company in a trash bag. So, her release was not the only nasty surprise the veteran wrestler had to deal with.

Mickie James Gets Further Insult By Getting Her Personal Belongings In A Trash Bag

Mickie James Personal Belongings in Trash Bag

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWE

As a veteran of the wrestling business, her recent release was probably a hard pill to swallow for Mickie James. However, matters got a little worse this week. 

Not only did Mickie James get her release, the company deemed it appropriate to send her belongings to her in a trash bag. Needless to say, the wrestler was outraged.

Of course, James made sure the world knew about the disrespect she was treated with. She posted the following message on social media.

And it seems that Mickie James is not the only one who received this treatment. Maria Kanellis responded to the post saying she received a similar parcel last year.

Aside from Maria Kanellis, countless other wrestlers responded to the message. Some of the responses included messages from Ivelisse and CM Punk.

Gail Kim also responded. She claims this kind of thing has been happening since before she was there.

The response among fans is mainly outrage, too. Of course, given the circumstances, you cannot blame them.

James spent years of her life in the WWE. She is also a multiple-time champion. 

To be treated with such disrespect is unbelievable. However, it shows the corporate machine that is WWE and the people who work for it.

WWE Apologizes 

Mickie James

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEWWEVerified

With many outraged responses online, the WWE soon got wind of the situation. As a result, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon apologized.

As you can imagine, fans were divided on the WWE’s response. While some accepted the apology, others were quick to point out holes in the story.

Some fans pointed out that the WWE was quick to blame a single employee for the incident. Naturally, they referred to the fact that this happened before.

Other fans pointed out other insensitive incidents from the past. One fan recalled CM Punk receiving his termination on his wedding day.

There are plenty of incidents to choose from. But fans went a little further than that.

Instead of focusing on this incident, fans also commented on James’ release. Many fans believe that her veteran status should have protected her from being let go.

Other fans commented on the releases that happened during a pandemic. So, there were plenty of points to discuss. 

James has not responded to the recent apologies. However, she did post an Instagram video of the trash bag to show she was speaking the truth.

Mickie may have been released, but she is still in the spotlight. Most recently, she appeared in Lapalme magazine. 

We wish Mickie James all the best for the future. Who knows, there could be a spot for a veteran at AEW?

The women’s division in AEW could benefit from Mickie’s experience. Only, the women’s division will need some dedicated attention.

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