WWE Hulk Hogan Booed By Fans At WrestleMania 37

WWE Hulk Hogan booed at WrestleMania 37
Credit: Screenshot, YouTube

WWE wrestling legend Hulk Hogan got booed by fans in attendance during WrestleMania 37. This stands in stark contrast with the popularity he enjoyed many years ago.

Hosting Disaster

WWE Hulk Hogan booed by fans at WrestleMania 37

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWE

Hulk Hogan was one of the hosts of WrestleMania 37 this year with wrestling veteran Titus O’Neil alongside him.

Titus O’Neil got big cheers from the crowd in attendance. Unfortunately, fans were less than welcoming to Hulk Hogan.

When Hulk Hogan addressed the crowd before the opening match, fans showed their discontent.

In fact, fans booed Hulk Hogan at WWE WrestleMania 37 like they never did before. 

The difference between Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan in terms of popularity was extremely noticeable. Many believe that the scandals over the years affected his popularity.

O’Neil previously reacted to Hogan’s historical racist comments. He claimed not to judge the wrestler over past mistakes.

“What happened, happened. We can’t change that but we’re all moving forward in a positive manner. I’m not one to judge anybody, because I’ve made mistakes myself.”

“I’ve had several conversations with Hulk since his return, and I feel like each with each conversation we’ve come closer to an understanding of what’s happened is in the past. ‘This is what he’s doing now, he’s obviously one of the most polarising figures in WWE history. It just makes sense that we turn a negative into a positive.”

While Titus may have forgiven Hogan, it seemed fans have done anything but. 

Coming Down From Second Hall Of Fame Induction

WWE Hulk Hogan Booed

Source: Screenshot YouTube WWE

The reaction of fans to Hulk Hogan must have been a cold reality check for the legend. After all, it was only last week when the wrestler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Interestingly, Hulk Hogan is now in the WWE Hall of Fame twice. Firstly, he was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2005.

This year, Hogan was inducted as a part of a faction, the nWo. Naturally, his fellow faction colleagues were also inducted.

Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall were all inducted last week. Naturally, these men are also two-time Hall of Famers now.

As mentioned previously, there could be many reasons why fans have turned on the Hulkster. After all, his career has taken quite a few hits because of the scandals following his person over the years.

The sex tape scandal was only the beginning of the downfall of the once legendary wrestler. Of course, it were the racist comments Hogan made some years ago that really affected his popularity.

Still, it is difficult to tell why fans in attendance chose to boo Hogan, especially since the larger part of the universe have forgiven Hogan.

When looking at social media responses, it is clear that most fans are quite divided about The Hulkster. Some believe nobody should have booed Hogan, while others claim he deserved it. 

Some fans also pull into question that Hogan got booed at all. In fact, some say that Hogan got more cheers than boos.

Well, I think fans better judge for themselves regarding the actual fan reaction.

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