Will Chris Jericho Bridge The Gap Between Rivals AEW And WWE?

Can Chris Jericho bridge the gap between AEW and WWE
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Chris Jericho could actually be the man to bridge the gap between rivals AEW and WWE. After all, he is set to appear on The Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network.

Y2J Returns To The WWE Network

Chris Jericho could bridge the gap between rivals WWE and AEW

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Jericho was one of the first wrestlers to turn to AEW upon its founding. And the wrestler has been widely successful with the brand.

Now, he returns to the WWE for only a moment. In fact, he is getting interviewed on The Broken Skull Sessions.

With this interview, Chris Jericho could possibly bridge the gap between rivals AEW and WWE. 

Nobody ever believed it would happen, but it has. Chris Jericho will speak to Stone Cold Steve Austin on the WWE Network.

Of course, this is the first time he will appear on WWE TV since he left three years ago. And even WWE veterans are speculating about the meaning of this appearance.

According to WWE veteran Booker T:

“Even to know exactly what the other side is doing. How’d [AEW] come about? I know a lot of people want to know that and who better to get it from than the horse’s mouth, someone like Chris Jericho who’s going to straight shoot. Me personally, I don’t think there should be any ill will towards that. You know how they say ‘Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer,’ so for me, I think it’s cool.”

No Future Cooperation According To Booker T

Booker T

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Despite signs of future cooperation with the recent interview, Booker T does not think Chris Jericho will bridge the gap. He simply believed Jericho is a controversial guest that will boost ratings.

“I don’t think this is a moment like people think it is. As far as all of a sudden we’re going to have more cross promotion between AEW and WWE, I don’t think that’s what that is at all. Stone Cold Steve Austin, just by the way he roles and has a controversial guest like Y2J is just good for business.”

If Booker  T is right, this might not be the best move on the WWE’s part. While he is a controversial guest, it could have a negative impact on ratings in the long run.

In fact, Chris Jericho could bring massive exposure to AEW with his appearance on The Broken Skulls Sessions. Any disgruntled fans will then easily find their way to the rival promotion.

However, Booker T also believes it could be a case of corporate espionage. 

“A lot of people want to know what’s going on with AEW right now as far as the structure of it, storylines, how did [AEW] come about, a lot of the angles they create. A lot of people want to know that kind of stuff and if Chris Jericho can answer those questions, me personally, I think it’s good.”

Whatever the reason behind the interview, there will be many people watching. So at the end of the day, WWE can enjoy an increase in WWE Network viewers for a short time.

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