What Happens Now That Kenny Omega Has The Impact And AEW Title?

Kenny Omega Future With AEW and Impact Title?
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Kenny Omega now holds the AEW and Impact Wrestling Title after defeating Rich Swann this weekend. Naturally, fans are wondering what is next for the iconic wrestler.

Kenny Omega Now Holds AEW And Impact Title

Kenny Omega AEW and Impact Title Future

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With Don Callis by his side, Kenny Omega has been more successful than ever before. Last Sunday, he even beat Rich Swann for the Impact championship.

Kenny Omega officially secured his third championship after his Impact victory. But what could be next for the veteran wrestler?

Even though he already won three titles and is now a triple champion, Omega has no intention of stopping.

In fact, he is hoping to add even more championship gold to his name.

The question remains though – where Kenny Omega will get that championship gold? After all, he has conquered almost all indie wrestling promotions out there.

One thing is certain, Omega kept his promise. A mere week after winning the AEW Championship, he promised to shake up the wrestling world.

Despite some criticism from AEW fans, Omega’s reign has been brilliant for the indie wrestling circuit. Of course, this is especially the case for Impact Wrestling.

Some AEW fans believe Moxley was the better champion, but we believe they are just very different. Both Moxley and Omega have been good for business.

Impact Wrestling has been struggling with the loss of Tessa Blanchard. After all, she left the company very quickly last June. 

So, how is Kenny Omega contributing to Impact Wrestling and the indie wrestling business as a whole?

How Is Kenny Omega Changing The Wrestling Business?

Kenny Omega

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The wrestling business has become a lot more competitive. After all, the arrival of AEW proved that the WWE can face some serious competition in the future.

The WWE used to poach the bigger talent out there. But now there is competition in the form of AEW, who has some serious stars on its roster.

Omega is contributing to the indie circuit in a major way. In fact, Omega is working several promotions simultaneously.

As you have read before, Omega holds three championships at the same time. So, he basically lends his star power to more than one promotion.

Kenny has mainly contributed to Impact lately. Since Tessa Blanchard left, there has been a talent hole in the promotion. 

Ring of Honor has fewer problems. After all, it was the home of the many current WWE superstars who made their way through the business years ago.

The recent title win of Kenny Omega on Impact Wrestling has brought a lot of attention to Impact Wrestling and created quite the buzz. In fact, it created renewed interest in this indie promotion.

Despite the lack of a serious star on Impact Wrestling, there are enough potential candidates to join the brand in the future. Of course, the most obvious choice is none other than Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe could be a major addition to Impact Wrestling. As he was recently released from the WWE, his star power could be just the thing Impact needs.

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