The Rock Battled Depression, The Fiend-Randy Orton WrestleMania Thoughts

the rock battled depression
Source: custom, Rock Facebook screenshot

Hollywood and WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson battles lots of enemies, but we are now hearing about how The Rock battled depression. Plus some Fiend-Randy Orton WrestleMania thoughts.

The Rock Battled Depression

Dwayne Johnson has battled many people and things, in and out of the ring. Now, we can talk about how The Rock battled depression.

the rock battled depression

Source: custom, Rock Facebook screenshot

The former WWE Champion is getting plenty of Hollywood love lately. This is especially true now, thanks to his NBC sitcom, “Young Rock“.

On a recent episode, the show used it’s platform to let us in on when The Rock first battled depression.

It happened when Rock was just a teen. As the episode detailed it, the bout of depression started from the aftermath of a football injury.

The injury happened just before Rock’s first season at the University of Miami. Instead of hitting the field on game days, his injury relegated him to the bench and the sideline.

What followed was Rock’s first battle with depression. He gave up on football and class, and for a time hid his downturn from his family.

Knowing where The Rock wound up, it’s clear that Johnson did not stay depressed for forever.

He eventually stopped feeling sorry for himself. Instead of pining for an opportunity lost (football), The Rock dove into the gym and got back in shape, opening new doors in the process.

Not everyone has such success when battling depression. But, The Rock revealing his own first experience is a good thing.

When too often people are mocked for mental health issues, or choose to hide them…you can’t find a much bigger Superstar than The Rock.

And, through his popular sitcom, The Rock just showed the world that he, too, has had battles with depression.

There is no shame in having battles with depression, just like there should be no stigma in talking about it.

Rock’s honest and open approach is refreshing. And with luck, maybe it helped a viewer or two deal with their own battle.

The Fiend-Randy Orton WrestleMania

Everyone knew this clash was coming. Now, we can dive into some Fiend-Randy Orton WrestleMania thoughts.

the fiend-randy orton

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Fans are well aware that it wasn’t that long ago when Randy Orton burned a stunt double of The Fiend, making him nice and crispy.

Just a few weeks ago, Southern Fried Fiend returned. During the time in between, we’ve had Alexa Bliss get more and more twisted, and Randy Orton throwing up a lot of black goo.

Like, so much it would make Papa Shango proud.

So, with crispy Fiend back, we know The Fiend versus Randy Orton is locked in for WrestleMania. And we have thoughts.

Actually, we have more than thoughts. It’s that point before WrestleMania where rumors and speculation run rampant.

Specifically, we are hearing rumblings about who wins the battle of The Fiend and Randy Orton at WrestleMania.

The rumor making rounds is surprising, for a couple notes.

First, the expectation is that The Fiend will win. Second, the belief is that Fiend goes over Randy Orton in a bit of a squash.

Last bit that might surprise? The expectation is that WrestleMania, squash or not, may not be the end of this feud.

So often, WrestleMania marks the end of a feud. Given how long we’ve seen Orton battle The Fiend, wrapping things up at WrestleMania would have made sense.

Personally, I’d vote for wrapping this up sooner than later. It feels like The Fiend is getting more and more over the top, and in this era of wrestling, that isn’t usually a good thing.