Teddy Long Was ‘Too Old’ For AEW, WWE Signing Top Female Name?

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With the promotion collecting quite a few WWE veterans, it’s worth asking-will Teddy Long head to AEW? Also, is WWE landing a top female Superstar?

Teddy Long Was ‘Too Old’ For AEW,

Since they opened for business, AEW has acquired many former WWE personalities. Will Teddy Long head to AEW too?

will teddy long join aew

Source: custom, Teddy Long Twitter screencap

According to Long himself, it does not seem likely. His explanation might be a bit of a shock, however.

The former WWE general manager recently spoke on the WINC podcast, and the subject of  AEW came up.

When asked if he could see himself heading to AEW, like fellow former WWE gm Vickie Guerrero, Long said no.

Specifically, Teddy Long said he had gotten the message that he was “too old” for AEW.

To his credit, Long quickly pivoted to talking about his current efforts with the independent promotion of SWE.

That doesn’t mean we can’t examine what he said in a bit more detail though, right?

Of course.

Long seemed a bit perplexed, and rightfully so.

First, some legalese-I am not a lawyer. However, it’s pretty illegal for any company to specify they won’t hire you because of age (or, on the flipside, terminated you due to age).

It doesn’t exactly sound like that happened here. I believe that was Long reading between the lines, but it wasn’t a message someone would put in writing.

Now, with that in mind…Teddy Long is 73.

If AEW brought him in, in any capacity, I believe he would become their oldest personality. While the company employs Arn Anderson and Jim Ross, both men are in their 60’s.

Ross is only a few years younger than Long, for what it’s worth.

And, at the same time, AEW has been bringing in some older talent recently-like Sting-though there’s not really a comparison.

They aren’t that close in age…and no one is expecting Teddy Long to work matches.

So, if you were wondering “will Teddy Long head to AEW”, the answer does appear to be no.

He seems content handling his SWE business, and as of now, AEW does not have interest in him.

WWE Signing Top Female Name?

WWE is always looking to bring in top talent, and now we have to ask: is WWE landing a top female superstar?

will wwe land top female superstar

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Specifically, Bea Priestly.

This well-traveled young veteran is currently free from contractual obligations. WWE had been interested in her before, but she ended up signing with AEW.

That deal is now in the past, a casualty of the pandemic.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Priestly recently completed her obligations in Japan and headed home to the UK.

She has been quiet about her next gig, which has people speculating.

The Observer is confident that Priestly is not heading back to AEW. They go on to state that they, and others, believe that Priestly is being quiet about it because it means WWE is next.

Any other destination, most of which are promotions she’s worked in previously, she’d have far less reason to be coy about.

Given that her home is in the UK, and there is the NXT UK program…we have to wonder if WWE is landing this top female superstar.

It seems at lease possible, if not assured.

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