Summer Rae’s New Gig, WWE Hoping To Test Live Events With Fans

Summer Rae's New Gig
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Summer Rae’s got a new and interesting gig. The former WWE superstar has been hired on by a cryptocurrency company in a top-level role. More details, below.

Summer Rae’s New Gig

From sports entertainment to cryptocurrency? Seems so, as former WWE superstar Summer Rae’s been hired by Cornerstone Global Management LLC.

According to the press release, she’s joining the team as their new Director of Marketing and Social Engagement. Might sound like a stretch for Summer, but it’s not.

Rae, whose real name is Danielle Moinet, is a graduate of East Carolina University. She received a Business degree, with a focus in marketing.

Cornerstone Global noted that Rae has 2.7 million social media followers combined between Instagram and Twitter. The expectation is that she’ll play a major role for the company heading into the 2021 Bitcoin conference.

Her WWE Career

The WWE signed Summer Rae in late 2011. She had a tremendous amount of success in NXT when aligned with Sasha Banks.

Unfortunately, like many NXTers, when Rae was called up to the main roster, her storylines lacked luster. She was first lined to Fandango as his dancer/manager, and then with Rusev, very briefly.

She’d break up with Rusev and then form something with Tyler Breeze. Sadly, that ended, as well.

Summer Rae wrestled with the WWE through to July 2016 and then suffered from injuries. She never returned to the ring and was released by the company in the fall of 2017.

Rae wrestled under her name in the indie circuit, in 2018. Her last appearance in the squared circle was for BCW, where she fought in a triple threat match in 2019.

Speaking of matches, raise your hand if you have missed WWE live events! Superstars and the company have, too.

Sounds like the WWE is interested in testing the waters. Does that mean the WWE Universe can expect live events on the horizon?

WWE Hoping To Test Live Events With Fans

WWE is eager to start up their live event shows and touring. Fans and superstars seem to be eager as well.

WWE was able to have a live audience at WrestleMania 37. They want nothing more than to bring fans back to all events.

Summer Rae's New Gig

Source: Zona Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

As per the PW Insider, WWE is “hoping” to start the process by organizing “test live events”. They are in the initial stages of planning this.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed So Much For Live Events 

WWE has not run a live event since COVID-19 hit in March 2020. Once they start touring again, the company doesn’t want to stop.

The WWE is planning to start “test live events” sometime in the summer, either July or August. This means taking into consideration pandemic rules and protocol across all regions.

They also need to think about pandemic “waves” that are affecting areas, internationally. As of this writing, no testing/touring dates have been locked in.

According to the report, the company is gearing up for the right time to take the next step. WNZ will update fans with any new information on this developing story.

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