Randy Orton Possibly Injured, Former WWE Star Retires

Randy Orton Possibly Injured
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In a major coup, Randy Orton lost to Matt Riddle in a match last night on Monday Night RAW. Unfortunately, not only does the loss sting, but The Viper possibly could be injured.

Randy Orton Possibly Injured

Bryan Alvarez recently noted during Wrestling Observer Radio that Randy Orton could be injured. He walked fans through the Legend Killer’s match with Riddle last night.

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Alvarez stated that he’s not sure of the extend of the injury. However, at some point during the match, Randy hurt his shoulder.

Alvarez pointed out that Orton was fighting Riddle in the corner. Matt went to give an exploder.

According to Alvarez, Orton did not take the move. He blocked it and pulled back.

Randy ended up doing this dramatic punch, and from that point on it seemed as if he couldn’t use his right arm. Alvarez noted that Orton was throwing forearms with his left arm.

Randy Orton’s Shoulder “Off”

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer also chimed in on a potential Orton injury. He noted it was strange that Randy did a superplex off the middle rope, instead of the top as he usually does.

Meltzer also stated that he did finish the match. With that said, Dave felt like something was “off” with Orton’s shoulder.

Will Randy Orton needs some time away from the ring to recovery? WNZ will keep fans posted!

Speaking of stepping away from the squared circle, news has hit that a former WWE superstar has decided to hang up their boots. More information, below!

Former WWE Star Retires

Wrestling isn’t a career that lasts forever. There comes a time in where every talent decides it’s time to give up in-ring competition.

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It’s not an easy decision. However, a former WWE star has decided to retire.

Former Spirit Squad member Kenn Doane recently announced his retirement from wrestling. He noted that good investments have made it possible to do so at such a young age.

Kenn plans on leaving his wrestling career to spend more time with family. He started pro wrestling at the young age of 13.

His Wrestling Career

Doane hopped on Twitter to let his fans know about his retirement. See tweet below.


Also known to fans as Kenny Dykstra, Doane debuted in 2001 at the age of 15 in New England. He made his first WWE TV appearance at 17, in 2003.

Kenn would officially debut in the WWE in 2005 as a member of the Spirit Squad. Doane also held the WWE tag team championships at one point, too.

Kenn would leave the WWE to hit the independent circuit in 2009. He made a return to the company in 2016 for a short storyline against fellow Spirit Squad member, Dolph Ziggler.

Doane has also worked with Major League Wrestling since 2019. While he had originally thought he’d retire at the age of 40, he’s decided to leave sports entertainment five years earlier.

At the young age of 35, Kenn Doane will be living his best retirement life. Thanks to investing properly, Kenny can now work less and spend more time with those closest to him.