Randy Orton Matt Riddle
Source: The Pinfall Podcast, Twitter, Screenshot

The original plan was for Sheamus’s program with Matt Riddle to be extended after WrestleMania 37. This all changed when Randy Orton asked for a feud with the King of Bros

Randy Orton – Matt Riddle Feud

It seemed a little out of the blue last week when Matt Riddle had a run-in with Randy Orton. After all, it seemed as if Riddle’s program with Sheamus was going to be extended from WM 37.

As per a report from Fightful Select, Orton wanted a feud with Riddle. This helped things along when it came to developing a storyline.

The report indicated that The Viper was in favor of working with the King of Bros. As a veteran of the company, Orton has a ton of pull with Creative.

Randy Orton Injury Update

As WNZ previously reported, it seemed as if Randy Orton suffered an injury last week on RAW. The good news is that it sounds as if he will be okay.

According to Fightful, The Viper suffered from deep bruising in his shoulder area during his match with Riddle. It doesn’t seem as if he will be sidelined for a long while or that there was major damage.

It’ll be interesting to see a Riddle/Orton program play out. Here’s hoping The Viper recovers quickly from his minor injury.

Over at AEW, the Young Bucks love to take shots at the WWE. Their latest victim is a former executive for the company.

AEW Wrestlers Mock WWE Mistake

Mark Carrano was recently fired from the WWE. He held the role of Senior Director of Talent Relations.

Randy Orton Matt Riddle

Source: Being The Elite, Twitter, Screenshot

There’s a bit of controversy around Carrano’s firing, as WWE superstars that were recently released received their belongings from the company in trash bags. Mark seemingly organized this all.

Mickie James hopped on Twitter to show her fans what the WWE did. A photo was posted of a trash bag with her name on it.

HHH didn’t hesitate to fire Carrano for this unprofessional act. He also posted a tweet letting fans know that the WWE wasn’t pleased about what Mark had done.

Young Bucks Don’t Like To Miss An Opportunity

In the midst of all this, the Young Buck took an opportunity to make fun of the situation. After all, they are known for doing this.

During their most recent Being The Elite episode, the Young Bucks approached Brandon Cutler. Cutler is now sporting a face mask due to several breaks to the nose.

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The Bucks would give Cutler a mask and jacket to protect him. “Young Boy” was on the back of the jacket.

Since he’ll be out of action for a while, and won’t need his ring gear, they handed him a plastic bag with his name on it. This was certainly a dig at what Carrano did, and Mickie James’ trash-photo tweet.

Mickie James would later post on social media. While she wasn’t sorry that she brought the issue to light, she did state that her intent wasn’t to get someone fired.

Mickie noted that she knew the trash bag wasn’t a “malicious” act. Stephanie McMahon also personally apologized to James on Twitter.