NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Problem, Mark Henry Ate Poo

NXT TakeOver Stand Deliver
Source: Bobby Fulton, Twitter, Screenshot

NXT’s TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one took place last night, and it was a pretty entertaining event. However, reports have surfaced that the main event hit a bit of an unknown snag. Details below.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Problem

Last night’s NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver (night one) showcased some incredible talent from the gold and black brand. During the main event, Raquel Gonzalez versus lo Shirai wrestled all over the Capital Wrestling Center.

With that said, it seemed as if there was more planned for the match that closed the show.

As per a report from Fightful Select, there was a match that ran longer than expected during NXT TakeOver, before the main event.

It was not revealed which match went over its time limit. However, that resulted in the NXT Women’s Championship having to slice some time off their bout.

What Exactly Happened?

It’s hard to say what the exact reason behind the problem was. The Fightful report went on to note that NXT doesn’t usually run into these issues for TakeOvers.

Sadly, it seemed that the circumstances were a bit different this time around.

It could’ve been that NXT was under a time crunch as the TakeOver was aired as a special on the USA Network.

Still, Raquel Gonzalez scored the win. Plus, the night did end with a nice post-match celebration.

However, the match was scheduled to go on for a bit longer. No word on what else was supposed to take place.

On to some interesting, yet disturbing news! The shenanigans that go on backstage in the WWE can make fans smile, and sometimes shake their heads!

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently revealed an odd story that involves Mark Henry from way back in the day.

Mark Henry Ate Poo

Kurt Angle had quite the story during a recent Kurt Angle Show podcast. The WWE legend spoke of ribs that took place backstage during his earlier years with the company.

NXT TakeOver Stand Deliver

Source: NoDQ.com, Twitter, Screenshot

Angle noted that he was never the object of a “serious” prank. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for Mark Henry.

Angle stated that he heard about a prank that may have crossed the line. According to Kurt, the Headbangers tricked Mark Henry into eating a poop sandwich.

Did They Go Too Far?

Angle noted that the Headbangers got Henry a sandwich. Before giving it to him, they crapped in it and placed it back into the wrapper.

Kurt wasn’t there when it happened. He stated that he didn’t believe it when he heard the story.

He didn’t know the Headbangers, and the idea of someone doing that seemed outrageous.

Angle relayed that Henry did eat the sandwich. Kurt also stated that it was the “grossest” thing he heard.

Angle went on to note that someone would have to be a “real idiot” to do something like that to another person.

Pranks happen in the WWE all the time. However, Henry is given a poop sandwich is one, which seems to have crossed a line.