Mickie James Accuses WWE Of Ageism, MVP Having Surgery?

Mickie James WWE Ageism
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According to Mickie James, ageism is a problem for female WWE superstars. Also, MVP is running out of options for his knee and he might need surgery. 

Mickie James Accuses WWE Of Ageism

Not longer after WrestleMania 37, WWE decided to release a bunch of superstars. One of those people let go was Mickie James.

Unlike most releases, hers resulted in backlash for WWE. Basically, someone packed her belongings into a garbage bag, with her name attached, and shipped the package.

Well, social media was rightfully upset and WWE apologized. She even received a personal phone call from Vince McMahon.

Mickie has moved on from that incident, but she is still upset. She claims that ageism is an issue in WWE and part of the reason for her release. 

While speaking on GAW TV, James noted how WWE has a different mentality for male performers. She also mentioned the lack of storylines since she returned.

“I think the small-minded mentality sometimes leads to thoughtless behavior,” said James. “Especially for me, to constantly be presented as old, when I’m 41 and every single male champion has always been my same age or older and has been glorified for those reasons.” 

“As they should be, they’re f—king amazing. But, why is it different for women? Or why is it different for me? Ageism is a real thing and it’s bulls—.”

Two Stints In WWE

“I feel like I have pretty thick skin and I’ve put up with a lot of crap. “Even through returning to WWE this last time and always being booked in this lackey position, or never getting that moment for myself – or if I did, it came at a cost of diapers or a walker or the whole finish to the Asuka fiasco, or just these weird things.”

The 41 year old had two stints with WWE. Her first run went from 2003 to 2010 and she collected six titles along the way.

Unfortunately, some of her final storylines mocked her weight. The entire angle by WWE was deemed as extremely disrespectful and unnecessary.

She would depart and spent a good amount of time in Impact Wrestling. Also there, she won gold.

Eventually, she returned in 2016 as a surprise opponent for Asuka before rejoining the main roster. For the most part, she did little.

After returning from a torn ACL, she only appeared a few times before the release. 

In the end, James sees the major steps women have made in WWE. But, she wants more equality.  

“I’m truly grateful for the strides that we [as women] have made, and to be seen as more equal. But it’s simply not true for every single person.”

MVP Having Surgery?

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MVP has been injured for a few months now and might need surgery. He noted how doctors want to try one more thing before arthroscopic surgery.

“I injured it a few months ago in the ring and while it’s better, it hasn’t healed yet,” said MVP to WWE Espanol. “We’ve been trying to avoid surgery.” 

“We’re gonna try one more procedure and if it still doesn’t work, then I might have to get some minor arthroscopic surgery for the knee. But, not yet. We’re still gonna try another treatment first.”

Despite the injury, MVP helped Bobby Lashley finally become WWE Champion. And, he continues to be out there each week; just with a cane for support.

If MVP does need the operation, it should not keep him off TV for long. He will not be getting physical, but WWE Champion Bobby Lashley does not need help.