Is Rhea Ripely Face Or Heel?, Ex WWE Star Running For Political Spot

rhea ripley heel face
Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

If you find yourself asking, is Rhea Ripley a face or heel, then you are not alone. Plus, an ex WWE star is running for a political spot.

Is Rhea Ripely Face Or Heel?

It seems like a rather simple question, but is Rhea Ripley a face or a heel?

Based on recent booking, it’s not so easy to answer though, is it?

rhea ripley heel face

Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

After all, she was pretty much a face the entire time she was in NXT. She made her WrestleMania debut last year…as a face.

Even with her winning the RAW Women’s Championship at this year’s WrestleMania…her booking made things unclear.

Asuka was a clear face in the build-up. Following the match-and her title win-Ripley seemed far more like a face.

On the April 26th edition of RAW, however…Ripley was booked as a heel. She was on a team with definite heels Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

So, is Rhea Ripley face or heel?

Based on booking…you’d think heel.

However, in spite of booking…WWE is telling fans to cheer her.

Per the Wrestling Observer, WWE gives it’s ThunderDome fans instructions on who they want cheered or not.

According to the report, even as Ripley was booked to work with heels on RAW, fans were still being told to cheer the RAW Women’s Champion.

If that is not confusing, I am not sure what else would be.

All I can say now is, it will be interesting to see what the end game is with this. It is entirely possible the payoff is worthwhile…though I am not getting my hopes up.

Ex WWE Star Running For Political Spot

It seems like it’s the thing to do after you work for WWE. Another ex WWE star is running for a political spot.

There have been quite a few over the years, of course.

Jesse Ventura got to be Governor of Minnesota.

Linda McMahon, though never elected, did hold a cabinet position in the Trump administration.

And of course, 2021 Hall of Fame inductee Kane, better known as Glen Jacobs, is mayor of Knox County.

See, there’s a lot of politics coming out of WWE. OK, maybe not A LOT…but there is also some decent chatter about a certain Rock running for president…so….who next?

ex wwe star politics

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How about Harvey Wippleman?

Why not, I mean…anyone can, right?

Wippleman, real name Bruno Lauer, is running for a spot on the Board of Aldermen in his home town of Walls, Mississippi.

Speaking of The Rock, Lauer is friends with the former WWE Champion, and is using a photo of him with the Brahma Bull for his campaign posters.

The Rock has credited the former WWE manager for helping him out during his early career. Could The Rock’s mere presence help return the favor as Lauer aims to start his political career?