Famous DX Segment Removed, WWE Superstar Retires

WWE DX Segment Removed
Source: Born For This, Twitter, Screenshot

Peacock is making more cuts to the WWE Network this week. The latest victim is a famous DX segment involving a mocking of The Nation of Domination, which has been removed.

Famous DX Segment Removed

Since the WWE Network moved to Peacock, the streaming service has confirmed that they are reviewing content to ensure it meets their 2021 standards and practices.

Some of the WWE’s content of yesteryear doesn’t align with these guidelines. As such, there are some edits taking place when it comes to the WWE library.

WWE is assisting with this process and is aware of content that is being removed. International users are also affected by this.

Edits were recently made two well-known moments in the WWE, since the Network moved to Peacock, back on March 18.

One is a segment from the 2005 Survivor Series where Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Booker T, and John Cena were involved. For those that may recall, VKM said the N-word to Cena.

Another moment deleted from the WWE library includes a match from WrestleMania 6. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper faced Bad News Brown.

Piper competed with half his body painted black. His promos in blackface to build up the bout also were removed.

DX Gets The Peacock Edit

DX segment is from 1998, on the July 6th edition of Monday Night RAW. They decided to a parody of their rivals, The Nation of Domination.

DX dressed up as The Nation to make fun of them as these two factions had a heated program during the Attitude Era.

The RAW epi had not migrated to Peacock, yet. However, the promo was cut from the show as review and removal of controversial content is still underway.

The 1998 SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) had a video package for HHH versus The Rock. This included video clips from that RAW DX segment.

That video has been taken out of the PPV, which is currently available on the WWE Network through Peacock.

There may be more cuts along the way. Peacock expects to have the WWE library of content available for on-demand viewing by this year’s SummerSlam season.

Moving on to other wrestling news this fine April Fool’s Day, a WWE superstar has announced their retirement.

WWE Superstar Retires

WWE superstar Brian Kendrick has confirmed via video that he has retired from the squared circle.

WWE DX Segment Removed

Source: No Filler, Twitter, Screenshot

At 41 years old, Kendrick is a seasoned veteran in the ring. In addition to the WWE, he worked with a variety of other wrestling promotions during the tenure of his career. These included TNA, ROH, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Also, Kendrick was a WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion.

Silver Lining In This All

The WWE does offer opportunities to retired wrestlers. While they may not be in front of the camera, they can do other things backstage.

The bad news is that fans will no longer see him compete. However, the good news is that he is now a producer on SmackDown. He’ll be able to pass on his experience and know-how to the next generation of talent.