Ex WWE Wrestler Needed Anger Management, AEW Streaming Service

wrestler needed anger management
Credit: Custom, WWE Screenshot

It may not be a shock, but we’ve learned that an ex-WWE wrestler needed anger management. Also, could we be seeing an AEW streaming service heading our way?

Ex WWE Wrestler Needed Anger Management

In what might be the least shocking news, an ex-WWE wrestler needed anger management therapy.

What could be shocking is the who of it all.

wrestler needed anger management

Source: Custom, WWE Screenshot

Sports entertainers, and athletes of all kinds, are highly competitive. Even when what they do is scripted, sometimes art imitates life.

Meaning, some of those angry people we see on television have anger issues off camera too.

And, some of those who seem to be nice on television? Not always the nicest when the cameras are off.

So, which ex-WWE wrestler needed anger management?

Would you believe…Sin Cara?

Specifically, Sin Cara II, since WWE got to have a couple of them, thanks to masks.

Well, the man behind the second mask, Cinta de Oro, recently spoke to Inside the Ropes about some stories circulating about him.

The man who was once Sin Cara got right to the point.

Yes, the stories were true. And yes, WWE did send him for anger management classes.

Considering that Sin Cara was booked not as a heavyweight, it may be surprising to hear who he had clashed with.

As the stories go, Sin Cara had backstage brawls with Superstars like Sheamus and Chris Jericho.

When I saw that, it was somewhat surprising. Not that Sin Cara couldn’t hold his own, but those are, or were, in Jericho’s case, some of the more respected Superstars.

Given his penchant for backstage fighting, it’s not shocking that WWE required him to get anger management counseling.

AEW Streaming Service

Everyone has their own streaming plans nowadays, including WWE-even though it just moved to NBCUniversal’s Peacock. So could we be seeing an AEW streaming service soon?

In short…probably.

aew streaming service

Source: Custom, Forbes.com Screenshot

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, AEW is filming a lot of content each and every week with an eye toward it’s future.

This goal has what amounts to a double meaning (at least).

On one hand, having lots of matches on it’s shows every week gets talent experience and exposure. This is something that is harder to do since the pandemic shut things down.

The lack of house shows has been noted as a challenge with getting younger talent vital experience. AEW is churning out lots of content in part to help get their greener guys.

But there is another, bigger component to having so much content getting created.

A possible, not yet announced, AEW streaming service.

When you think about it, it makes a ton of sense. WWE has a huge catalog, and while a lot of it they’ve paid for…a lot is from their own archives.

AEW has not been around long enough to have an extensive archive…so anything they can do to help build one up, they will do.

That includes recording plenty of hours of footage each and every week. If they need it, they have it…if they don’t, then their workers are still getting the experience.

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