end of hurt business
Source: custom, WWE twitter screenshot

Plenty of decisions in WWE don’t have unanimous support, but the end of the Hurt Business irks Superstars and may not be a good move. Also, RAW Champion Asuka undergoes surgery ahead of WrestleMania.

End Of Hurt Business Irks Superstars

If you have been tuned in, you know we saw a major faction end on RAW. The end of the Hurt Business irks Superstars outside of the now ended faction.

end of hurt business

Source: custom, WWE twitter screenshot

We all know that there had been issues, though as we saw them, the logical expectation was that we might see someone booted.

Like, Cedric Alexander seemed on the outs more than once.

Instead of adding to the group (so far) or kicking just one out…we may have witnessed the complete end of the Hurt Business.

We know that both MVP and Bobby Lashley pushed hard with Vince McMahon, insisting the faction remain in play.

However, the boss gets what the boss wants, and for reasons not clear to most fans…Vince McMahon wanted no more Hurt Business.

For now, it would seem that Lashley and MVP may still refer to themselves, a duo, as Hurt Business. Perhaps they might even recruit some new blood down the road.

Regardless, the damage was done. The bigger story may be in the backstage area though.

According to Fightful, Superstar morale took a hit with the destruction of the group. The creative decision does send an odd message to the locker room.

Keeping in mind that the foursome was one of the top programs on either RAW or SmackDown…and one of the better factions WWE has given us in recent years…it’s understandable.

Superstars have every right to be confused and unhappy by such a move. Like, the creation, execution and disbanding of Retribution-that’s a whole different story.

No one was likely that heart-broken when WWE pulled that plug.

But the Hurt Business was money. One of the best things going, and had plenty of runway left to use.

Unless WWE opts to go back and add new faces…this was an odd move. Even if they do revive the Hurt Business, it’s still an odd move.

It’s not hard to understand why the end of the Hurt Business would irk Superstars.

Now…if they swerve us and bring in say…Keith Lee at ‘Mania to help Lashley retain?

Stay tuned…

Asuka Undergoes Surgery

You may recall that the RAW Women’s Champion lost her tooth not that long ago. Well, we’ve learned that Asuka underwent surgery to repair the dental damage.

asuka undergoes surgery

Source: custom, Asuka twitter screenshot

That report was confirmed by the Wrestling Observer.

Given that we all saw the tooth fly out, courtesy of Shayna Baszler, surgery was not a shock.

With that kind of injury, it made sense to learn that Asuka undergoes surgery to fix her mouth.

The RAW Women’s Champion returned to television this past Monday. She is slated to defend her RAW Women’s title against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania.

It will be interesting to see how her WrestleMania match goes. Will she retain, or will Ripley claim gold?

Depending on how that unfolds, could we see the Empress of Tomorrow seek revenge against Shayna Baszler?

After all…Baszler makes Asuka undergo surgery…you expect there will be Hell to pay.