CM Punk Rips WWE Television, AEW Rumored To Be Touring Again

CM Punk Rips WWE
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WWE fans constantly chant for the Straight Edge Superstar, but CM Punk rips WWE television in a recent interview, calling the product trash. In other news, AEW is rumored to be touring again.

CM Punk Rips WWE Television

WWE fans, when they were allowed to be in the arenas, used to regularly call for CM Punk. However, in a recent interview, CM Punk rips WWE television.

So…those fans may want to reconsider those chants.

CM Punk Rips WWE

Source: custom, CM Punk Twitter screenshot

CM Punk has not wrestled in quite some time. He left WWE at the height of his career, opting to try his luck in mixed martial arts.

As you likely know…his luck in UFC wasn’t that good. Neither was his record.

Since his last UFC fight, fans have only cheered louder for him to get back in a WWE ring.

Fans got excited when Punk returned back to WWE, sort of, by joining the now-defunct FS1 show geared toward WWE.

The company line was that CM Punk was a FOX hire, not a WWE hire. Still, people hoped it was the start of a wrestling reunion.

Now, CM Punk took time for a Sports Illustrated interview, and made it pretty clear what he thinks of WWE programming right now.

Specifically, he called the current product trash.

The former WWE Superstar went on to state that he felt like, if he returned, he’d be just another guy. Someone of Punk’s stature obviously wants more, and the current WWE landscape, in his view, doesn’t allow that to happen.

To tie things all together, CM Punk closed with this remark:

I like doing fun, quality projects. If there is a fun, quality wrestling project that gets sent my way, I will listen to it

The question now becomes…will a fun wrestling project ever land on his lap again? And if so…is it from WWE, or perhaps more likely, AEW?

AEW Rumored To Be Touring Again

The global pandemic changed life as we knew it, and that included a long pause to live shows. Now, AEW is rumored to be touring again this year.

So, what do we know? Or, what have we heard about AEW rumored to be touring again?

AEW Rumored To Tour

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Well, it’s not coming out of Tony Khan’s mouth. However, a rather well-placed employee did mention plans for touring by July.

That person would be none other than Jim Ross.

Good Ol’ JR dropped that nugget on a recent episode of his very own podcast.

On that episode, Ross spoke rather confidently about a return to the road. As he put it, it sounds like plans are coming together for a full on return to touring by the time July comes around.

The news isn’t necessarily surprising, in some sense.

Americans over 16 are pretty much able to get vaccinated now. As more receive their shots, restrictions have begun easing.

And one of those restrictions has been keeping real live fans away from sporting events, including professional wrestling.

As things continue to trend toward a return to normalcy, it looks like AEW is ramping up plans to return to touring.

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