Chris Jericho Says He Felt Responsible For Carrying AEW To Success

Broken Skull Sessions
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Wrestling veteran Chris Jericho recently spoke about how he felt responsible for the success of AEW. In fact, the responsibility he took upon himself was quite clear during his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Why Chris Jericho Felts Responsible For The Success Of AEW

Chris Jericho responsible for AEW Success

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEWWEVerified

Jericho was one of the biggest stars signed by AEW upon its inception. This is a well-known fact and was quite shocking at the time.

However, many people did not realize just how invested Chris Jericho was in the company. During his interview with Stone Cold, Jericho talked about how important it was for him.

“When the opportunity for AEW came around I said, ‘I want to do this, I like being the guy,’ which I had never really been before and that carried over to AEW and it became a big success. The first couple of months was specifically on my shoulders and then suddenly all the other guys came in and we’re one big team. At first, it was on my back. It was my responsibility to carry this company to the Promised Land, so to speak. That’s the way I felt. I felt a real big responsibility for that.”

Several years later, we know Jericho succeeded at what he set out to do. But maybe the former WWE superstar could do even more  in the future.

Jericho’s appearance on The Broken Skull Sessions certainly was different from what many people expected. In fact, it was better than what most people believed it would be.

Mentioning AEW On WWE Programming

Broken Skull Sessions

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEWWEVerified

As mentioned earlier, Jericho appeared on The Broken Skull Sessions. During his appearance, he talked about many things.

While they did touch upon his time in WWE, they also talked about AEW. Naturally, no fan expected Jericho to talk about the rival brand so openly.

It is possible that Jericho is the one to bridge the gap between the two rivals. Either way, it made for good television.

At the moment, Jericho is one of the main attractions at AEW. After all, his faction Inner Circle is still ruling the brand.

With the arrival of Pinnacle, The Inner Circle is more popular than ever. It is the ultimate clash between faces and heels.

Of course, this type of feud has been done before. Only last time, it was between The Inner Circle and The Elite.

This time around, The Inner Circle are the faces in the situation. MJF’s faction on the other hand, are the heels.

The feud between both factions will finally come to a head on May 5th. In fact, it will be settled during a so-called “Blood and Guts” match.

Naturally, this kind of match has never been done before on AEW. When you look at the exploding barbed wire match, this one should be quite interesting as well.

Jericho has been working the promos for this special event and we must admit we are curious! 

We cannot wait for this one as both teams are on fire! Who will come out on top?

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