AJ Styles Congratulates Will Ospreay For Walking In His Footsteps

AJ Styles Will Ospreay
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AJ Styles responded to Will Ospreay winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. With it, Ospreay is walking in the footsteps of the WWE superstar.

Will Ospreay Beats Kota Ibushi

AJ Styles reacts to Will Ospreay winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

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Will Ospreay took to social media after winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, and AJ Styles had something to say, too. 

Styles retweeted Ospreay’s original message. He also sent him a congratulatory message, stating it was like he was looking into a mirror.

Obviously, this is a big honor for Ospreay. In fact, Ospreay also holds the two titles AJ Styles once did.

While the paths of Ospreay and Styles have always been similar, it is unlikely that Ospreay will ever join the WWE. After all, the wrestler had a war of words with Seth Rollins and some other corporate guys.

Still, never say never. Once upon a time it was believed that AJ Styles would never join the WWE.

Will Ospreay is arguably one of the bigger talents in the current indies, with many a championship belt to his name. In fact, he can hold his own with the likes of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and now Kota Ibushi.

With Ospreay now a dual champion, many people wonder if he could make an appearance in AEW. If any promotion has a chance of getting Ospreay, it is probably AEW.

Of course, some wrestlers simply prefer New Japan and there is certainly a massive market there. So, it is likely that Ospreay could remain in New Japan and never return to the states. 

The Path Of Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay

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Ospreay actually says that a three-way match involving Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels in TNA convinced him to become a pro wrestler. As a British wrestler, he spent most of his time training in England.

Will Ospreay made his professional wrestling debut in 2012. He originally wrestled as a masked character called Dark Britannico.

Throughout his career, Ospreay has worked for several indie promotions simultaneously. These promotions include Progress Wrestling, UK indies, Revolution Pro Wrestling, and more.

Despite his countless successes in various indie promotions, it seems Ospreay has a preference for New Japan. After all, he made numerous appearances on New Japan from 2016 onwards.

Over the years, Ospreay has developed and perfected his own styles. His unique combo of high-risk and high-flying moves gave him the nickname The Aerial Assassin. 

Ospreay also changed his nickname over the years. At Wrestle Kingdom 13, Ospreay changed his name from the Aerial Assassin to simply The Assassin.

In addition to his magnificent wrestling career, Ospreay has also been quite outspoken about mental health. Last year, he admitted to suffering from severe depression. 

On social media, Ospreay has been trying to break the silence around mental health. His confession caused many others to come forward with their own personal struggles.

Despite his success, Ospreay seems to have no interest in joining the WWE. 

“The moment I go to WWE, it’s like, ‘Yes sir, no sir.’ When you’re there…there are a lot of guys signed to WWE who just signed because it is WWE. It’s their choice, they have their reasons. There are guys there who were coming up in the Indies and were the hottest thing at the time and then all of a sudden it’s ‘what are they doing now?’ I’m more than willing to play around with this character until I’m ready to be like, ‘I’m willing to roll the dice and let WWE take creative control over my character.’ Money is nothing to me, as long as I’m getting by.”

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