WrestleMania 37 Co-Hosts Explained, How Long Will AEW Star Be Out

WrestleMania 37 Co-Hosts Explained
Source: Custom. WWE Twitter screenshot

Fans were perplexed when Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil were announced as WrestleMania co-hosts-now we have those WrestleMania 37 co-hosts explained. Also, how long with AEW star John Silver be out of action for?

WrestleMania 37 Co-Hosts Explained

WWE’s biggest show of the year will have not one, but two hosts. Now we have those WrestleMania 37 co-hosts explained.

WrestleMania 37 Co-Hosts Explained

Source: Custom. WWE Twitter screenshot

The hosts? Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan.

Both Superstars have ties to Florida and in particular the Tampa area. Tampa, of course, is the host city of WrestleMania 37.

So why are those two men co-hosting? WrestleMania has had plenty of hosts in years past…but none have generated such scrutiny.

The issue is predominantly with the selection of Hogan. The WWE Hall of Famer has been working to get back into good standing with the company, after some not-so-flattering video surfaced.

Without rehashing the entire debacle, Hogan was unknowingly recorded, declaring himself to be a racist. That footage got him banished from WWE for quite a while.

He did eventually apologize to the locker room, but many current talent felt the apology was not truly sincere.

Well, it seems that WWE wanted Hogan attached to WrestleMania 37, but anticipated some less than happy feelings. The company selected Titus O’Neil as his co-host in part to balance out Hogan’s questionable selection.

While Hulk Hogan was a draw, how much of a draw he is now is likely debatable. He may not do much, as was the case in previous cameo/host appearances…but that “honor” likely could have gone to someone else.

Better recent choices? Alexa Bliss, The New Day and even Rob Gronkowski last year.

Though Gronk went back to the NFL, he does now play for Tampa…so having him involved (if he could be) would not have been the worst idea.

How Long Will AEW Star Be Out

John Silver was injured in a recent title match, so how long will the AEW star be out?

john silver aew superstar

Source: Custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

For context, here’s the spot he is believed to have been injured:

Well, initial comments from the AEW star didn’t sound encouraging…

But, John Silver recently posted an update, and it is good news.

While suffering a separated shoulder is bad, avoiding surgery for it is the best possible outcome. Recently, WWE’s Karrion Kross suffered a similar injury and it knocked him out for an extended period of time.

Clearly, Silver’s peers were glad to see his injury would not keep him out for too long.