Why WWE Catchphrases Are An Integral Part Of Professional Wrestling

WWE catchphrases professional wrestling

WWE catchphrases have been quite important historically in the world of professional wrestling. But why do they play such a massive role in the world of sports entertainment specifically?

Becoming Memorable

WWE catchphrases professional wrestling

One of the most obvious reasons why WWE catchphrases are so important in professional wrestling is to ensure wrestlers are memorable.

After all, could you imagine Steve Austin without his “Because Stone Cold said so” catchphrase?

Having one memorable line guarantees that people will remember you. Of course, some wrestlers become so popular they have numerous catchphrases throughout the years.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker are just some of the men who had multiple catchphrases.

Needless to say, having a catchphrase can turn things around for any young wrestler. 

Success With A Younger Audience

John Cena Grants Make-A-Wish

While catchphrases are important for all WWE wrestling fans, they are arguably more important for children.

After all, catchphrases tend to hit big with fans in a younger demographic.

The reason why the catchphrase is so important for children is their repetitive nature. After all, repetitive language is easier for children to understand and remember.

In other words, to appeal to a younger demographic as a wrestler, repetitive statements are always most effective. And, these catchphrases also allow for some excellent merchandise sales.

John Cena and Bayley are two prime examples of how to tackle the younger demographic.

While Bayley has stepped away from that demographic now, her initial popularity among children certainly launched her career. 

The Superhero World

A professional wrestler is arguably something like a superhero. Just think about it, everything from the catchphrases to the spandex completes the picture of the larger- than-life persona.

The unique costumes and catchphrases are things that play a massive role across different promotions.  

There are several WWE wrestlers that are perfect examples of superhero characters. The most notable over the past twenty years or so is  John Cena.

The babyface character, bold colored clothing and repetitive catchphrases make Cena a big hit among the younger crowd.

And, it also means his action figures are flying out of the window, as he appears to have many things in common with our favorite superheroes.

Money, Money, Money

Stone cold Steve Austin

A good catchphrase can make you lots of money as a professional wrestler. After all, popular catchphrases can make wrestlers tons of cash on merchandise.

One of the top merchandise sellers in the WWE was undoubtedly John Cena. After all, his “never give up” catchphrase hit off big among children and adults alike. 

John Cena cashed in massively on his catchphrase. Of course, a portion of merchandise sales also go to WWE.

Because of the value of catchphrases, WWE has started to trademark wrestler catchphrases in recent years.

This provides WWE the freedom to cash in on the creativity of their wrestlers, but also prevents wrestlers from taking the catchphrase to somewhere else.

In short, if you are a professional wrestler, you better come up with a catchy slogan!

Here are some of the classics:

Ric Flair – “Woo!” and “To be the man, you got to beat the man!
The Miz – “Awesome” and “Really”
Vince McMahon – “You’re fired!
Randy Savage – “Oh Yeah!”
Undertaker – “Rest in peace”
The Rock – “If ya smell what the Rock is cookin’!”
Mick Foley – “Have A Nice Day!”

Let us know your favorite catch phrase in the comments!

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