What’s Going On With Keith Lee? + Molly Holly Turns Down WWE Job

Keith Lee Molly Holly
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Missing from RAW has been Keith Lee, who is dealing with an unknown medical condition. Also, Molly Holly was offered a WWE gig in the Performance Center. 

What’s Going On With Keith Lee?

A big question going around is the status of Keith Lee. Despite being pushed on TV, he has been missing the past few weeks.

Fightful Select reports that Lee is currently out for health reasons. As of now, there are no details on what is exactly going on.

Before being pulled, Lee was part of a program challenging for the United States Championship. In fact, there was talk of giving him the belt.

Instead, WWE put the belt on Riddle. It was Riddle, Lee and Lashley who were feuding at the time.

The main goal of WWE was to get the belt off Lashley. Therefore, he could win the WWE Championship and begin his WrestleMania program with Drew McIntyre.

When Lee was suddenly removed, WWE tossed John Morrison into the mix. Now, all the parties involved have moved into new angles.

Lee competed on the February 8 edition of RAW. Prior, he missed almost a month as his other bout was January 11.

Lee Staying Active On Social Media

While not appearing on TV, Lee has commented on social media. Last week, he tweeted his fans to thank them and say he would explain more when the time was right.

While away, Lee did get engaged to Retribution’s Reckoning (known to most fans as Mia Yim). She did test positive for COVID-19 this year, but not word if Lee also contracted the virus.

There is no telling when Lee will be back, but WrestleMania seems out of the question. WWE could always book him as a late addition to an already confirmed match, but it seems doubtful.

Molly Holly Turns Down WWE Job

Keith Lee Molly Holly

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For Molly Holly, her pro wrestling career will come full circle in about two weeks. For everything she has done in pro wrestling, she will be induced into the WWE Hall of Fame (HOF).

While her HOF appearance will be a one time deal, she was offered a job in WWE. They wanted to make her a Performance Center coach, but the role did excite the former Women’s Champion.

Molly Holly is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during the April 6th ceremony. She also had an opportunity to make a return on a more official level, but she declined it.

On the Talkin’ Sass podcast, Holly went into further details about not accepting the role.

Needing The Passion

“They have [asked me to coach at the Performance Center] and I just don’t want to,” said Holly. “It sounds terrible, but I’m just — I’m so far removed from that world.” 

“I don’t want to be this like grizzled, bitter, jaded trainer who is like, I don’t know. They need to have trainers who are passionate about pro wrestling, who love the psychology of it.” 

“Because you can meet certain people on the indies or people who used to work for WWE or people who do work for WWE and they just light up when their creative juices are going and they’re like, ‘Oh, you could do this, you could do that.’ And, it’s like, those are the kind of people you need to have as a trainer.” 

“Even though back in the day, I might’ve had skills or experience as a trainer, I’m not at that place now where I feel excited about doing that type of job”

If anything, Holly is honest. She would rather the job go to someone who will have a profound impact on the next generation of wrestlers.

Still, she has plenty to be proud of. Holly was one of the most liked and respect women in the locker room, so it is great she is getting that recognition.