Soulja Boy Argues With Randy Orton After Calling Wrestling Fake

Soulja Boy and WWE Randy Orton

Soulja Boy and Randy Orton have gotten into a heated argument after some comments made by the rapper on social media about the WWE. Needless to say, the argument has captured a lot of attention from fans and mainstream media.

What Soulja Boy Said…

Soulja Boy Randy Orton WWE

As a rapper, Soulja Boy is no stranger to strong language. Unfortunately, his recent social media target was the WWE.

On his social media, Soulja Boy said that the rap game is “faker than WWE.” Needless to say, countless renowned wrestlers came forward to comment on his statement.

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco told the rapper he would put him in the hospital for his statement. T-Bar on the other hand, said the rapper should “stick to super soaking hoes.”

However, the most notable response came from Randy Orton.

“Fake? Dare this prick to step up. He dont like movies? Consider us actors that do stunts, without pads 200 days a year and don’t bitch when we get surgically repaired and come right back. Consider us 100 times tougher then anyone you’ve come across. Aint nuthin but a bitch ass…”

“Ps Bad Bunny would beat the f*ck outta you. Why? How? Because he’s seen our world. Respects it and knows what it takes and finds himself lucky to be a part of it. You wanna talk fake? Pawn that cheap ass chain and come work for it you one hit wonder ass mutha f*cka”

Soulja Boy Responds To Randy Orton

Randy Orton

Soulja Boy responded to the wrestler in typical style. 

“Do u know who the f*ck I am. I’ll bring the REAL to wrestling don’t play with me. Randy Ortonnnnnnnn??????????”

Evidently, even this response got another reply from Randy Orton. Since he is famous for his internet feuds, it is no different this time around.

“‘Crank that’ came out in ‘07 you had a hell of a year. Serious $. Hats off to ya my dude. Here’s the thing tho… I like rap. I bump that shit all day whether it’s tunechi, meek, JZ…but you call what I do to survive, fake? Fuck that. Come to my world and say that. Dare ya”

“U spittin facts? Seems like all you spittin is the same mess you rap about. Nut. Clear your throat my dawg, and be there. Enough talk. Back it up.”

As it stands the argument is continuing on social media. At the moment, it does not seem that Soulja Boy is considering an appearance in the WWE, but you never know, despite the comments of Randy Orton.

Of course, it is not the first time Orton has a feud with someone on social media. Last year, he had a massive argument on social media with AEW’s owner Tony Khan.

Since his argument, it is highly unlikely that Randy Orton will ever grace the squared circle at All Elite Wrestling. For now, he put his eggs squarely in WWE’s basket.

It remains to be seen what Vince McMahon thinks of the argument between Soulja Boy and Randy Orton. But given his legend status, we doubt the chairman is concerned.

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