Road Dogg Suffers Heart Attack, Superstar Requested Return To NXT

Road Dogg Heart Attack
Source: Wrestling Observer Twitter

We learned earlier today that “Road Dogg” Brian James suffered a heart attack and here is the latest. Also, Ember Moon apparently offered to leave the main roster for NXT.

Road Dogg Suffers Heart Attack

Earlier today, the wife of “Road Dogg” Brian James posted on Facebook that her husband suffered a heart attack. As of now, he remains in the hospital.

The WWE Hall of Famer was hospitalized late Thursday night. At the time, he was heading home from Orlando.

“I want to thank everyone for the prayers and texts,” said his wife Tracy James. “Brian most likely suffered a heart attack late Thursday night after returning from Orlando.”

“He has had test run and we’re currently waiting for the results. He has also seen a kidney specialist and will have a stress test done.”

“He’s always been on [blood pressure] meds for high bp. Just please pray all the test come back for something we can fix.”

“I am a total wreck, but I’m trying so hard to be positive! Please pray for Brian, he feels horrible, and for God to please heal my husband so he can come home! Thank y’all all so much!”

Tracy James then proved an another update. She said his kidneys are clear and more test will be done Monday.

“Just an update. Doc just came in. Kidneys came back clear and a heart cath is scheduled for Monday and they will determine then what’s to be done.”

“Please continue to pray for him and his doctors. And our family. Thank y’all and we love y’all!”

 From everyone at WrestleNewz, we hope for a safe and speedy recovery for “Road Dogg” Brian James.

Superstar Requested Return To NXT

Source: Wrestling Observer Twitter, Screenshot

Ember Moon was popular in NXT and even won their women’s title. Then, she was called to main roster. 

Like so many former NXT wrestlers, she never came close to the same level of success on the main roster. So, she became an afterthought and was rarely used in major angles.

Unfortunately, she suffered an Achilles injury that could have ended her career. Then, after a lengthy absence, she returned as part of the NXT brand. 

Moon spoke to GiveMeSport about her desire to rejoin NXT.

“I started just looking and I was like, I don’t know if I fit in on RAW,” said Moon. “I don’t know if I fit in on SmackDown – but NXT that’s someplace I fit in.”

“So, I went and I had a meeting and I just told him [Triple H] how I felt.”

“And he was just like, ‘Okay, if this is something you really want to do, F-yeah, I would love to have you back. But, we got to see, because we all know that they really love you up there.’”

“Honestly, the first phone call I made, it wasn’t to my husband, it wasn’t to any of my friends. It was to Triple H.”

Moon’s Current NXT Role

“I got a text from Triple H saying welcome home; we got you back. And I was like, ‘Yes, I’m coming back baby.’”

“And, so I ended up staying an extra week filming all these vignettes because they asked what do you want to do?”

Since returning at Takeover 31, she was featured in an NXT Women’s Championship angle.

She did not capture that title, but is now one-half of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Shotzi Blackheart.