Nikki Bella Regrets Dark Secret, Top AEW Star Out With Injury

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Many people have secrets from their past, but WWE Hall of Fame  inductee Nikki Bella regrets one dark secret specifically. And, a top AEW star is out with injury.

Nikki Bella Regrets Dark Secret

On the Bella Twins Podcast, we recently heard how Nikki Bella regrets a dark secret.

While the former Superstar-a member of the 2020 Hall of Fame class-has enjoyed amazing highs, she took the time to reflect on some dark secrets.

Two of those secrets she still has regrets about, even to this day.

These dark secrets may have been revealed previously, but that does not change the feeling of regret that Nikki Bella has.

Nikki Bella had revealed that she was a victim of sexual assault twice during high school. Her regret was keeping those rapes a secret for so long.

In recent years, many people have come forward to share stories of abuse and how they’ve overcome and survived them.

Bella regrets not coming forward with her own stories sooner. Perhaps doing so could have offered help to other victims.

While it is way too easy to analyze with the benefit of hindsight, the important thing is that she did open up about the rapes.

No matter how long it took Bella to speak up and speak out, she did. Her candor may help victims move past their own abuse.

Nikki Bella may wish she opened up sooner, but regardless, she made the most of her time in WWE. She has enjoyed success in and out of the ring, and turned out a Hall of Fame career.

Top AEW Star Out With Injury

Injuries are an unfortunate part of wrestling, and a top AEW star is out with injury.

top aew star injured

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For PAC, it’s a frustrating repeat happening. Too often in his career, it seems his momentum has been derailed by an injury at the worst possible time.

Not that there’s ever an ideal time for an injury, of course.

PAC, previously known as Neville in NXT and WWE, was snakebit with injuries there too.

He lost much of 2020 to the pandemic and related travel restrictions.

Now, just a few months into 2021, PAC is on the sidelines with a reported ankle injury.

That news comes to us via the Wrestling Observer.

The injury news did not specify how serious the injury could be, or how long PAC might be out for.

Either way, it’s a blow to know the top AEW star is out with an injury.