Miro Being Wasted In AEW, Finn Balor-Bayley Dating Rumor

miro being wasted aew
Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

Sometimes, the grass is not always greener-is Miro being wasted in AEW? And what’s going on with the Finn Balor-Bayley dating rumor?

Miro Being Wasted In AEW

It’s not unusual for a wrestler to feel like they aren’t being pushed enough, so perhaps it’s not shocking to hear that Miro thinks he is being wasted in AEW right now.

miro being wasted aew

Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

Except, it’s actually kind of shocking, in the sense that he was wasted in WWE. It was one major reason why the star left his former employer.

Many fans thought Miro, then known as Rusev, was being wasted in WWE. Now, to hear that Miro thinks he’s being wasted in AEW?

That’s just a whole different level.

In fairness, the AEW star feels as though he is not appreciated fully, and thus not being used to his full potential.

He may not be wrong, but it hasn’t exactly been the easiest past year in the world. With the pandemic, lots of things have taken a hit.

Seems we can add any good programs for Miro to the list.

Of course, this could all just be (and probably is) Miro being Miro in character, and not an actual shot at how AEW is using him.

Still…here’s his social media post…

Regardless, one can’t help but notice some parallels between his AEW and WWE runs.

Does this mean that he is what we thought he was? Or are his talents being wasted once again?

Perhaps Miro is just not there yet…meaning a major push could be coming, but in due time.

The reality is, AEW has brought in a good number of major talent over the last year and change. Miro is just one of those stars, and it takes time for them all to get established and pushed.

For some, that happens easier than others.

Miro still has his eyes on the World Championship, and time will tell on that goal.

Finn Balor-Bayley Dating Rumor

WWE Superstars date all the time, sometimes even get married. So what about that Finn Balor-Bayley dating rumor?

finn balor-bayley rumor

Source: custom, WWE Youtube screenshot

While the two seemed quite close at times during their NXT run, they were and are nothing more than friends.

That declaration comes from a pretty reliable source: Bayley herself.

Bayley, the former women’s champion, recently sat down with Renee Paquette for another episode of her Oral Sessions podcast.

During that conversation, Renee asked her guest about that Finn Balor-Bayley dating rumor.

Per the former champion, it may have looked like the two had dated. However, looks can be deceiving.

There was even seeming photographic evidence floating around with the two Superstars looking awfully cozy. Bayley even met Balor’s parents!

However, Bayley insists they were only friends. While the former fan favorite is recently single, The Demon King is a happily married man.

While that cozy photo of Bayley and Balor may have earned Bayley some grief in her former relationship…it was just a photo of close friends being close friends.

So, if you were hoping the rumors of Finn Balor and Bayley dating at one point were true…I have to say they are not.