Major WWE Hall Of Fame Update, John Laurinaitis Returns

wwe hall of fame

One casualty of the pandemic is coming back-we have a major WWE Hall of Fame update! Also, John Laurinaitis returns to the role of Head of Talent Relations.

Major WWE Hall Of Fame Update

There has not been a lot of news on the WWE Hall of Fame, but that changed this morning with a major WWE Hall of Fame update.

wwe hall of fame

WWE dropped the news, as seen here via a social media post:

There is actually a lot of news in that one post.

First, WWE has confirmed that there will be a 2021 class joining the WWE Hall of Fame. Normally, by this time of year, we’ve learned of many of the inductees.

So far, there have been no announcements. Now that we know it’s coming back, keep an eye out for that.

At the same time, the previously announced WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020 will finally be getting acknowledge and inducted.

Of course, as the WWE Network is transitioning over to the Peacock streaming service, the WWE Hall of Fame festivities will be covered extensively there.

One curious decision is that the ceremony, however it gets presented, will be on a Tuesday. In years past, it was the Friday or Saturday prior to WrestleMania.

This year, as with last year, WresltleMania is a two night event. In addition to that, it is expected that NXT will run a two night TakeOver event the week before WrestleMania.

It may be a different feel that WrestleMania weeks past…but as restrictions are being lifted, WWE is lining up a very busy WrestleMania week for 2021.

John Laurinaitis Returns

John Laurinaitis has been in and out of WWE many times over his career. Now, John Laurinaitis returns to the company once again.

Technically, it is not a return to the company, but rather a return to a prominent position.

Per a report in the Wrestling Observer, John Laurinaitis has been elevated to the post, Head of Talent Relations.

This is a role he has done for WWE before. He succeeded Jim Ross nearly two decades ago.

While in the post, he was instrumental in bringing in some big talent. Some of those names include Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

To many, however, Laurinaitis may be most well known for his on screen authority figure. He did, after all, bring us “People Power”.

He dusted off that persona for a cameo during the 2020 Money In The Bank PPV, seen as the Superstars worked their way through WWE HQ.

While John Laurinaitis returns to the more prominent role, he hasn’t really been gone. While he resigned from that position in the past, he has been working behind the scenes as an agent and producer.

And, for fans of Total Bellas, you may have caught Laurinaitis in some episodes, as he is now married to the Bella Twins’ mother.