Undertaker tells Kane he will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.
Source: Screenshot, YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znE8a__mZQY&ab_channel=WWE

The Undertaker got to tell his friend Kane that he would be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Fortunately, fans got to witness this beautiful moment on The Bump.

Undertaker Tells Kane He Will Be Inducted In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Undertaker tells Kane he will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Kane is about to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. And WWE decided that Undertaker could break the news to his storyline brother.

The Big Red Machine was visibly moved by the news and needed some time to collect himself. The beautiful moment can be watched below.

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Kane will be joining a rather impressive lineup this year. In addition to the Big Red Machine, Molly Holly, Eric Bischoff and Khali are expected to be inducted.

In addition to the announced names, there is one more rumored name to join the lineup this year. It is believed that Rob Van Dam will be inducted as well.

The WWE has not confirmed Rob Van Dam but we will keep a close eye on any developments. We do know that this year’s Hall of Fame induction will be truly special.

This year, the Hall of Fame induction covers both 2020 and 2021. As you remember, the ceremony was postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kane’s WWE Career

The Brothers of Destruction

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Kane had one of the most impressive wrestling careers. Not only did he make a name for himself, he became a part of the Undertaker’s mystical world.

WWE wrestler Kane joined the company in 1995. However, he had three years of wrestling experience before then. 

At the start of his career, Kane was known as Angus King. He made his wrestling debut in St. Louis Missouri for CSWA.

Some years later, Kane made his debut as Mike Unabomb in the WWF, now WWE. However, his first television appearance did not come until he changed character.

Kane became Isaac Yankem, the private dentist of Jerry Lawler. But, this character would only have a short lifespan as it did not relate to the audience.

Another character Kane had was that of fake Diesel. As a result, it took some time for the wrestler to find his true persona.

And the wrestler seemed to have found it with Kane, who would become intertwined with The Undertaker. After all, the wrestler made his debut as Undertaker’s long lost brother.

As Kane, Jacobs became the WWF Champion and a Hall of Fame worthy wrestler. Furthermore, he would later join his storyline brother to become The Brothers of Destruction.

Close to his retirement, Jacobs decided to become active in politics. He eventually became mayor of Knox County in 2018 after a successful campaign.

Kane also wrote a book in 2019, in which he was quite critical of the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. With it, he claimed the democratic party was creating further division.

Jacobs continues to pursue his political career, but makes sporadic appearances in the WWE. His last appearance happened at the 2021 Royal Rumble, where he eliminated Dolph Ziggler and Ricochet.