Injuries Change WrestleMania 37 Match, Zelina Vega Signs Contract

Injuries WrestleMania 37 Match
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Injuries have caused WWE to change the direction of a top WrestleMania 37 match. Also, Zelina Vega has signed a contract and it is not with AEW.

Injuries Change WrestleMania 37 Match

The past week has seen the WrestleMania 37 card finally start to get filled-in. One of the matches will see rapper Bad Bunny, who has been heavily featured on WWE TV in the past month.

Bad Bunny working the show has been in the works for at least a month, so him wrestling is not surprising. But, having a singles match against The Miz did seem odd.

Apparently, that was not the original plan. Originally, WWE wanted Bad Bunny & Damien Priest vs. The Miz & John Morrison. 

PWInsider reports the change was done because of injuries. Both Priest and Morrison are currently dealing with minor issues.

There is no word on what injuries they could be battling. Morrison did hurt his knee several weeks back on RAW, which could still be bothering him.

While the WrestleMania match is now one-on-one, there is a chance that could change. WWE could wait until the day of the event to book any changes.

With COVID, card subject to change has never been more true. The past year has seen many bouts scratched or altered at the last minute. 

While not a wrestler, Bad Bunny seems invested in making his first WWE match count. Even with determination, it takes some wrestling skills to actually deliver on a performance.

 Zelina Vega Signs Contract

Source: Wrestling Observer Twitter, Screenshot

WWE released Zelina Vega (real name Thea Trinidad) and she has found a new home. For now, the new company is only temporary.

We are still waiting to hear on who she signed with, but it was not AEW. In fact, her new boss stated in the contract she cannot work for AEW until their deal ends.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they went into further details about her wrestling status.

“Trinidad has signed a deal. We don’t know with who or even that it’s with a wrestling promotion.”

“But, the deal she signed would not allow her to work for another wrestling company and it was not with AEW. It was a somewhat short-term thing and the door wasn’t shut on her eventually working with AEW but it won’t be any time imminently.”

AEW’s Tony Khan expressed interest in speaking with Vega about joining his promotion. At the time, she was just finishing her 90-day non-complete clause. 

Khan has a rule where he does not speak to talent that are under the 90-day clause. Now that it is up, that could change.

Vega was let go by WWE after not complying with their new third party rule. Many in WWE were not happy about the policy change, with Vega facing the biggest punishment.

There was also talk that WWE did not like how Vega mentioned unions. All of that might have led to WWE releasing Vega; which fans did not appreciate.

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