Good News For Andrade, Bad News For Daniel Bryan

good news for andrade

It’s been an interesting time for one WWE Superstar, but could good news for Andrade be near? Also, bad news for Daniel Bryan, at least as far as a rapid induction is concerned.

Good News For Andrade

Could good news for Andrade be coming soon? And, for that matter…is it about his release, or his WWE future?

good news for andrade

Well, it turns out it was both. If you were hoping to see Andrade in a WWE ring again anytime soon…then the news was not so good.

Early on Sunday, Andrade posted this to his Twitter account:

We wouldn’t have to wait too long to find out what the good news was.

WWE confirmed Andrade’s good news following the Fastlane PPV.

The release caps an interesting week for the now former WWE Superstar.

News broke at the start of last week that he had left RAW , unhappy with his direction within the company.

While the company initially declined to release him, something changed in the time since.

Now, Andrade has his freedom, so to speak. Presumably there will be the standard non-compete time…but once that’s over, one has to wonder where he might land.

And how much better he might be used. 

Bad News For Daniel Bryan

In other news, there was some awkward bad news for Daniel Bryan.

It seems there was a bit of a news botch. At one point, on the company’s own channels, it was being indicated that Daniel Bryan was part of the WWE Hall of Fame 2021 class.

Not so fast, Daniel Bryan fans.

Will he be inducted eventually? Without question.

Is that time now? Not even close.

Considering he was involved in a pivotal and exciting main event at Fastlane, anyone paying attention would know that a 2021 induction would be wildly premature.

The oops was confirmed as much, in that the boo boo is no longer visible.

It may seem to be not great news, in that he’s not a massive 2021 headliner. It’s actually good news, however.

It means that for now, Daniel Bryan is still active and wrestling!

And that is good news for Daniel Bryan and his fans, of course.

With the ending of Fastlane as it was…we are all left wondering if he might be getting a chance to add another title reign to those Hall of Fame credentials.

So, bad news for Daniel Bryan (sort of), but really it was good news for Daniel Bryan and fans of his, and of wrestling as a whole.