Could Manager Renaissance Bring Back WWE And ECW Success?

AEW has officially begun its manager renaissance , hoping to emulate the success of WWE and ECW in its glory days. And it seems the brand is well on its way to succeed.

Managers And Veterans


All Elite Wrestling has already acquired a number of veteran wrestlers who could be brilliant managers in the future. Some of them have even started their manager position.

Most recently, the company obtained the likes of Paul Wight, Christian Cage and Sting. With these acquisitions, AEW gets one step closer to emulate the success of ECW and WWE with a manager renaissance. 

Of course, there are other wrestling legends who already picked up the manager mantle. Some of the most notable are Jake The Snake Roberts and Taz.

Benefits Of The Manager Renaissance For Veterans

TNT veteran Sting

The manager renaissance is not only a good thing for AEW. It is also a positive for wrestling veterans who have nothing to do in the WWE.

Guys like Big Show and Sting were treated horribly by the promotion. After all, they were left with very little exposure or suffered devastating losses.

Finding other work as a veteran wrestlers is harder than you might think. After all, wrestling is a niche industry when you look at the world of sports all together.

For these veterans, AEW brings hope and possibly lots more to do. Just look at what AEW has done with Taz and Jake The Snake Roberts so far.

Is WWE Rediscovering  The Value Of Manager?


WWE had some iconic managers over the course of history. Some of the most iconic include Mr Fuji, Paul Heyman, Jimmy Hart and Sherri Martel.

As it stands, there is only one real obvious manager in the WWE and that is Paul Heyman. However, WWE is starting to build MVP as the leader of the Hurt Business. 

That being said, MVP is still doing some wrestling himself, which makes him quite different from Paul Heyman. 

In spite of the massive presence of Paul Heyman, there are other wrestlers that are still with the WWE and could be fantastic managers. One of the men that springs to mind is none other than Ric Flair.

Flair does make some sporadic appearances with the WWE. But could he bring more value as a manager?

Ric Flair has worked alongside his daughter Charlotte Flair as well as Lacey Evans. Needless to say, he brings a lot of star power to the table.

There are more wrestlers that could bring about a new era of managers. Booker T is a great choice, but he has been rather limited to commentary.

Then there are wrestlers who were so iconic in their glory days, but now remain in the background. One of the most notable is Shawn Michaels, who remains in the background in NXT.

With AEW intensifying its roster of veterans, maybe it is time for WWE to keep investing in its veterans too. But instead of keeping them winning titles over newer talent, why not make them managers instead?

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