Chris Jericho Finally Reacts To Sting And Big Show Signing With AEW

Chris Jericho talks about Sting and Big Show
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Le Champion Chris Jericho finally responded to Sting and Big Show signing with AEW. And it seems that Jericho also gave an explanation for both wrestlers choosing All Elite.

Chris Jericho Reacts To Sting And Big Show Signing

Chris Jericho talks about Sting and Big Show signing with AEW

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Chris Jericho already had some in-depth talks with Sting and Big Show in AEW. In fact, an exclusive ‘Talk Is Jericho’ interview brought more clarity regarding the choices of these two wrestling veterans.

Jericho recently spoke with Digital Spy to give his opinion on the signings. And it seems he took the opportunity to take a shot at the WWE simultaneously!

“These are guys that were kind of almost insulted in their WWE runs. [Sting and Wight were] definitely not treated with too much respect over the last few years.”

In addition to Big Show and Sting, Jericho also talked about other wrestlers disrespected by the WWE. 

We treat our legends with respect, we don’t make jokes out of them and WWE is notorious for that, whether it’s Sting, Paul Wight, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts, Dustin Rhodes, throw in Chris Jericho.

“We know how to treat our legendary performers with respect and make them all look great. Make them all worthy of being in AEW because if they aren’t worthy of being in AEW why would they be there?”

How Big Show Contributes To AEW 

Big Show

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Jericho touched on the fact that Big Show will contribute greatly to the career of the bigger wrestlers on the brand. Indeed, he recalled Luchasaurus and Lance Archer.

“I also know that he’s a great mentor for some of our bigger guys that we have. Lance Archer and Luchasaurus, those types of guys and most importantly I know how dangerous a motivated Big Show can be.”

Chris Jericho also had kind words for Sting. This happened in the run-up to his match at Revolution, where he faced Team Taz.

“Here he is getting planted on a powerbomb from Brian Cage and then doing a great Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop, he’s got a lot left in the tank.”

Sting has mainly been mentoring Darby Allin since the match. And it seems Big Show will be guiding the bigger wrestlers.

Either way, it appears AEW is using its veterans a lot better than the WWE ever did. Naturally, this could benefit AEW in the long run.

As a wrestling fan, it has been frustrating to see how veterans were treated in WWE. After all, their only purpose was losing to new talent.

While the occasional loss is no disgrace, it is different when it happens all the time. Obviously, it affects the wrestler’s legacy.

The only one who has not suffered this fate is Undertaker. Many other wrestlers have felt the sting of jobber status.

Sting and Big Show certainly got treated badly by the WWE. So, Jericho obviously has a point when he made his statements.

Jericho was not treated much better though, especially with his Kevin Owens feud. Fortunately, he seems to finally be on top again thanks to AEW.

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