AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament Down To The Final Three

AEW Women's Eliminator Tournament Down To The Final Three

The AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament is officially down to the final three. Introducing the final three competitors of the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament: Thunder Rosa, Nyla Rose and Ryo Mizunami.

Our Favorite From The Final Three In The AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament: Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa is still one of my favorites to win the entire tournament. Even though she did face Hikaru Shida at one point already, I do believe she stands a  good shot at eventually taking the title. 

Rosa has an impressive track record in the indies and was recently the NWA Women’s Champion. She has been a part of numerous established promotions, this includes World Wonder Ring Stardom, Tokyo Joshi Pro, and the National Wrestling Alliance. 

Since Thunder Rosa is 35 this year, it is the perfect time for her moment in the sun. For now, she has impressed me greatly, so I hope she does well in the rest of the tournament.

Hikaru Shida has been champion for quite some time, so it would be nice to see the Mexican star take the win. In fact, I dare say she is the person I support personally to win this tournament.

Nyla Rose

If Thunder Rosa wants a shot at the title, she has to go through Nyla Rose first. Of course, this will not be easy when you consider her AEW track record.

Rose is the first openly transgender wrestler who signed with a major American promotion. Naturally, this means the hopes of the LGBTQ community lay with her.

Of course, Rose has already had some major victories within the women’s division. In fact, Rose was the one who defeated Riho to become the AEW Women’s Champion.

Since she lost the title to Hikaru Shida, Rose has been fading into the background a little. However, the tournament could change all that and give Rose a chance at redemption against Shida.

Much like the other wrestlers in our lineup, Rose has an impressive indie background and championship record. After all, she has wrestled for promotions such as World Domination Wrestling Alliance and Warriors of Wrestling.

Of course, we cannot forget that Rose ranked number 16 in PWI’s top 100 of female wrestlers last year. In other words, she is some serious competition in this tournament.

Ryo Mizunami

AEW Women's Eliminator Tournament Down To Final Three

If you mainly follow American wrestling, the name Ryo Mizunami may not mean much to you. But let me tell you, she is some serious competition for whoever comes out victorious from the Nyla Rose versus Thunder Rosa battle. 

Mizunami is not only a wrestler, she also has an extensive mixed martial artist background. She spent an astronomical amount of time on Pro Wrestling Wave for 10 years, but made her debut on AEW in 2019.

Ryo Mizunami also fought alongside Riho and Hikaru Shida during a tag team tournament in 2019. And add to that she has already went through all the Japanese competition on the other side of the tournament bracket.

Once again, Ryo has an extensive wrestling history. She has won numerous championships on her favored promotion Pro Wrestling Wave, but is also the proud winner of the JWP Junior Championship!

Who will be the winner? At this point, we cannot wait to find out!

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