AEW Signed Massive Wrestling Star, And Promoting The Heck Out Of It

AEW signed massive wrestling star, and promoting the hell out of it.

AEW recently signed a massive wrestling star, but so far his or her identity is still a secret. Nevertheless, AEW has been promoting the heck of out the signing.

The Biggest Scoop Ever

Tony Khan Thanks Fans for AEW loyalty on social media

Paul Wight and Tony Khan have been talking about the recent wrestling star signed by AEW. They’re referring to the mystery person with some big words! 

When speaking about the mystery signing, Paul Wight referred to the new signee as the “biggest scoop ever,” “Hall of Fame worthy talent,” and “huge surprise.”

The new addition to the AEW roster will be revealed during Sunday’s pay-per-view Revolution. In other words, we cannot afford to miss this weekend’s special event!

Of course, there has been plenty of speculation regarding the new acquisition of AEW. But which is accurate?

Who Could The Mystery Star Be?

AEW signed massive wrestling star, and AEW is promoting it

Fans have speculated quite a bit about the possibilities. Certain names have been circulated by AEW fans.

One of the names that has sprung up is none other than Brock Lesnar. Naturally, he would meet the description made by Paul Wight.

But is Brock Lesnar a realistic choice? To be honest with you, yes and no.

Brock would probably be willing to head to AEW if he was offered the right kind of money. The real question is, would AEW even be interested in Brock Lesnar considering his track record for the past couple of years?

Another serious name that pops up over and over is CM Punk. Now, this would be one of my personal favorite choices.

There are few men better on the mic and in the ring than CM Punk. Also, the former WWE superstar said that he would be interested in a return if the right storyline comes along.

Batista is another name that is floating around. However, the star is officially retired and seems to be staying that way for the foreseeable future.

The huge signing could be a bit more hyped than it actually is. That being said, this is the first time AEW made such a big deal out of something.

CM Punk Denies He Is The Mystery Star

CM Punk

Given the rumors surrounding this wrestler, CM Punk has already come forward and denied he is the mystery wrestler. The former WWE wrestler took to social media to deny the claims.

“100% not me.”

He later responded to a fan stating AEW should focus on the talent they have.  But who knows at this point?

For now, we could not find any substantial evidence backing up any fan theory. So, it seems AEW is successful at keeping the lid on this latest acquisition.

To find out who the mystery star is, we will have to tune into Revolution this weekend. Fortunately, there are many other things to look forward to as well.

AEW Revolution will feature a match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship.

There will also be lots of storylines involving The Inner Circle, Sting, The Young Bucks and many more!

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