WWE Breaking Up Retribution, Asuka Injury Update

WWE Breaking Up Retribution

Last night was a busy one on Monday Night RAW. WWE teased that Retribution could be breaking up. As well, Asuka took a bad kick to the face. Updates on both these stories, below.

WWE Breaking Up Retribution

Some spoiler alerts in this article for anyone who hasn’t seen Monday Night RAW as of yet.

First off, the WWE hinted that the faction Retribution could be on the cusp of breaking up. The stable has been on a losing streak as of late on the Red brand.

Frustrated with the fact that his faction members could score a win again last night, the leader of the group, Mustafa Ali, yelled at them after their match.


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Another One Bites The Dust

Factions don’t stay together forever; however, some do have longer runs than that of Retribution. Should they break up, that is.

Sadly, the stable just wasn’t overly successful with making an impact on the WWE Universe. Bad creative direction, booking, and the timing on their debut could have been attributing factors.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer recently talked about Retribution. He noted that there’s a good chance they could be done after last night. He also stated that it wouldn’t be “surprising” if the entire group was split up.

Seems like all the members just may go their separate ways very soon. This might be a good thing for all those involved in Retribution. Perhaps they all need a character refresh and a new chapter.

Speaking of, WWE also seemed to hint at a breakup between recent tag partners Charlotte Flair and Asuka last night.

Although the RAW Women’s Champion seemed more preoccupied with the kick in the face she received from Shayna Baszler during their match.

Asuka Injury Update

The Empress of Tomorrow took a hard kick to the face last night on RAW during a tag team bout. It pitted Flair and Asuka against Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

As Jax had the RAW Women’s Champ in an arm submission, Asuka was unable to block a kick to the face by Baszler. The hit looked legit. It also looked like it hurt a lot.

Asuka had her hand covered over her mouth near the end of the match, going into the commercial. It certainly seemed as if something was “off”. As per the PW Insider, the champ was checked out by WWE doctors.

Asuka’s Status

In that same report, it was noted that while the medical team did assess Asuka, no confirmation has been made around a substantial injury. No diagnosis has been offered, as well.

While there is no concrete update on Asuka’s condition, RAW Talk did note that the Empress broke a tooth.

At the end of the day, here’s hoping that Asuka will be okay. With WrestleMania 37 on the horizon, the last thing anyone wants is for her to be injured. Especially so close to WWE’s biggest event of the year.

Only time will tell on whether or not the injury ends up being overly severe, or a minor issue.

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