Why And How Vince McMahon Sacked Stacy Carter From The WWE

WWE Vince McMahon Stacey Carter

Stacy Carter was fired from the WWE out of the blue by Vince McMahon. At the time, there was loads of speculation about the reasons behind the release.

Now, Jim Ross has revealed some of the reasons why Stacy Carter was released. 

Why Stacy Carter Was Fired By Vince McMahon

WWE Vince McMahon Stacy Carter

In 2001, Stacy Carter was released from the WWE without any warning. Of course, fans speculated about the release.

When she was let go, Jerry Lawler left the WWE, too. After all, Carter and Lawler were married at the time.

Lawler quit out of protest, but would later return to the company. Now, Jim Ross revealed why Stacy was let go.

Ross admits that Stacy was liked by many backstage, except for the writing team. In fact, the writers were directly responsible for her release.

According to Jim Ross, the WWE writers found Carter difficult to work with. They eventually went to Vince McMahon with their complaints.

“She was a sweetheart, I thought, but she apparently, based on what the writers said, she was too hard to work with. So, they caught Vince on a day when he was not in a really great mood, apparently. I got called in Vince’s office, ‘I want her gone. What? ‘I want her gone today.’ So, you know, that’s where your job becomes very challenging.”

Carter’s release is another example of how fortunes can change by the WWE’s Chairman’s mood. In fact, Jim Ross has criticized Vince McMahon’s treatment of Stacy Carter.

Criticism By Jim Ross

Jim Ross Heat AEW

Jim Ross was quite critical about the topic on a recent podcast. In fact, Ross believes that Vince McMahon should have handled the situation differently.

“Look, there is no way I would have fired her, no matter what the writers said. Without talking to the writers and telling what did she do, that you believe merits her dismissal. Explain to me so that I know. I didn’t do that because I had no room to do that. I asked, ‘Can I do some checking around?’ ‘No, she’s gone. Well, you know, you got a decision-maker, Conrad. I would have done anything. I would have challenged Vince. Well, you’re stupid if you do that. That’s what he wanted.”

In addition to criticizing her release, Ross also had a lot of kind words for Stacy Carter. Ross even states that Stacy had quite a bit of product knowledge. And, not many female wrestlers in that era did.

“The thing about Stacy, unlike a lot of women, Stacy had product knowledge. She lived the business since she was a teenager being Lawler’s girlfriend and then his wife. So, she had a little more of a knowledge and basic fundamentals, skillset as far as the psychology and understanding of the product than did a lot of the Divas. And, with that said, she would question things. Ask questions. I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to do that. Well, that doesn’t make any sense. You’re stupid, whatever.”

In short, it seems that the WWE lost big when they released Carter. Of course, we are still left wondering what could have been if she had not been released. 

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