Vince McMahon Against WrestleMania Idea, Popular AEW Star Sidelined

mcmahon against wrestlemania idea

There are reports that Vince McMahon is against a popular WrestleMania idea. Plus, a popular AEW star has been sidelined with an injury but is set to return soon!

Vince McMahon Against WrestleMania Idea

WWE’s biggest event of the year happens in just about a month, and many plans are in motion. With the show almost here, Vince McMahon is against one particular WrestleMania idea.

mcmahon against wrestlemania idea

It turns out that Vince McMahon is not a fan of cardboard cutouts in seats.

The global pandemic removed live fans from the stands-but empty stadiums look terrible on television.

Many organizations responded with cardboard cutouts in seats. Not everyone has the ability to set up a ThunderDome like WWE…

WrestleMania is in Raymond James Stadium in April. That facility also hosted this year’s Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl mixed live fans with cutouts, but Vince McMahon is said to still be against that WrestleMania idea.

If Vince McMahon does not want them at WrestleMania,that may end the idea.

The Boss has been focused on bringing in quite a lot of real live WWE fans when WrestleMania hits Tampa in April.

Still, there seems to be a lot of support (outside of Vince McMahon) for the cardboard cutouts at WrestleMania.

So, only time will tell if Vince McMahon will allow this popular idea to happen or not.

Popular AEW Star Sidelined

You may have noticed that  a popular AEW star was recently sidelined.

It is great to hear that the AEW star is nearly back in the ring.

AEW is surely happy to have him back.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Scorpio Sky could be in line for a major push once he is back.

For fans of Scorpio Sky, that news is music to their ears.

It is great to see such a talented star like Scorpio Sky avoid a much more severe injury.

It’s even better to see such a bright star poised for a major opportunity.

We will learn soon enough whether or not that rumored push is happening.