Keith Lee & Mia Yim Engaged, Will Pat McAfee Return To WWE?

Keith Lee Mia Yim

Congratulations are in-store for Keith Lee and Mia Yim, who are officially engaged. Also, Pat McAfee could be returning to WWE TV.

Keith Lee & Mia Yim Engaged

In WWE, you typically spend most of your time on the road and around the same people. This has led to relationships forming and even families being started.

Well, Keith Lee and Reckoning (Mia Yim in NXT) have taken their relationship to the next level. Lee popped the question and the RAW superstars are now engaged. 

As for their run in WWE, it could be going better. Lee was looking like a major star by winning the NXT Championship and getting a decent push on the main roster.

But, Lee’s push has dramatically slowed. As for Yim, her time on the main roster has consisted of being part of Retribution.

Basically, she has done little on the main roster besides work a few matches. Both superstars missed the Royal Rumble because of COVID. 

Will Pat McAfee Return To WWE?

Samoa Joe Pat McAfee

Over the summer, WWE ran an interesting angle with Pat McAfee and Adam Cole. Basically, Cole flipped out on McAfee during his podcast. 

The tirade was filled with cursing and saw Cole leave the interview. It was so well produced that many thought the angle was legit.

Later, we learned the entire argument was staged. The result saw Cole defeat McAfee in one-on-one action and then they met at WarGames.  

In McAfee’s two appearances in NXT, he left an impression. Basically, he was able to use his athletic ability from the NFL and highlight those skills in a wrestling ring.

Since WarGames a few months back, there has been no sign of McAfee on WWE TV. But, Triple H noted during a conference call to promote Takeover Vengeance Day how McAfee is simply busy.

Triple H On McAfee’s Status

“Pat is just a busy dude,” said Triple H. “We talked about it. He said ‘give me a minute to breathe and when the Super Bowl is over,’ because he just got married not that long ago.”

“He said ‘if I don’t take a breath after this Super Bowl I might not be married for much longer.’ You know, my words not his.”

“I think he needed to take a breather and I think if there’s something we can engage again — he loves it. That’s one thing I love about Pat.” 

“When you have somebody from outside who comes in and loves it, by outsider it’s so hard to consider him like that because he loves what we do. It’s hard not to consider him an insider.”

While off TV, McAfee continues to work fans. He mentioned on his podcast how WWE fired him.

That is simply not true as the former NFL star is working fans. With football season over and WrestleMania approaching, there is a good chance McAfee returns.

In conclusion, WWE would be foolish to not bring McAfee back. Therefore, hopefully both sides are able to figure out a deal.