Brandi Rhodes talks about AEW Women's Division

During a recent podcast, Brandi Rhodes spoke about the AEW Women’s Division as well as juggling more than one job role for the promotion. The interview certainly revealed some interesting info.

Strenuous Work As The Chief Brand Officer

Brandi Rhodes AEW Women's Division

Brandi Rhodes is the current Chief Brand Officer for AEW. According to Brandi herself, this is a role that can be quite strenuous.

Rhodes reveals that being a Chief Brand Officer involves anything from PR to media communications. She also reveals how she needs to talk to partners and potential sponsors. 

In addition to stating what her job entails, Brandi also revealed what it does not.

“State Farm – a lot of the stuff that we do with them, I’m on board for that, and then I’m also on board for a little bit of marketing initiatives, more kind of like the day to day. Not so much, this one’s going to hurt people, and not the action figures. So, as much as I would love to say that I got Lil’ Bran-Bran – that was part of what I would say when I was working with Lil’ Bran-Bran – that’s not true. Jazwares did that, not me. But in these other areas, it’s a lot of plates that are spinning.”

What Brandi Rhodes Thinks About The AEW Women’s Division

Brandi Rhodes

During her appearance on the podcast, Brandi also talked about the AEW Women’s Division. As you may remember, the division has gotten quite a bit of criticism lately.

Brandi mentions how she thinks everyone is lucky to have fun on the brand. She also mentions how it becomes more interesting when a lot of new talent comes in.

“We have a lot of really great girls that come in and perform on AEW Dark all the time. We’re very lucky to have a lot of fun, new talents coming in. But I think right now, it’s not an urgent thing needing to sign new people. I’m not the only set of eyes here either.”

Interestingly, Brandi also revealed that she did not know about the Women’s Tournament until it was announced. Unfortunately, Brandi will not be competing in it as she is currently expecting her first child with Cody Rhodes.

Brandi is looking forward to what the tournament will bring to the women’s division, much like fans of the brand. During the podcast, she revealed how she is rooting for everyone who will be competing. 

“I’m always impressed with a lot of the ladies that come on and do Dark, and I’m sure I’ll be impressed with all the women that compete in the tournament. I’m really just rooting for all of them to have an excellent tournament there and continue to elevate the importance of the women’s championship.”

Needless to say, the Women’s Tournament could be a genuine turning point for the AEW Women’s Division. As Brandi mentioned, it could elevate the importance of the AEW Women’s Championship.

Does this mean AEW will focus on the Women’s Division a little more in the months to come?