Carlito did not appear on WWE RAW Legends Night

WWE veteran Carlito was advertised to appear on WWE Raw Legend Night. Only, when the event came around, Carlito was nowhere to be found.

Interestingly enough, the reason why Carlito missed WWE Raw Legends Night is both tragic and laughable.

WWE Never Booked Carlito

WWE forgot to book Carlito for Raw Legends Night

While the WWE advertised Carlito for their Legends Night, they actually forgot to book him. Since he was not officially booked for the show, Carlito never showed up.

One of the first to report the absence of Carlito was Fightful Select. At the time, no reason was given for his absence, only that there were issues.

Now Wrestling Inc claims that the WWE forgot to book Carlito. In fact, they never even contacted the wrestler. 

Despite this, backstage producers seemed to assume the wrestler would be there. And, that’s the alleged reason why he appeared on promotional materials. 

Who’s Carlito Again?


If you tuned into wrestling in the past decade, you may not remember Carlito at all. But that’s no surprise, because Carlito’s last appearance was more than 10 years ago.

Carlito worked for the WWE from 2003 until 2010. During his tenure, he won the United States and Intercontinental Championships. 

And Carlito also had more family members in the WWE, as his brother Primo Colon was also a WWE wrestler. Unfortunately, the latter had little success on the brand despite his talent.

Upon his departure from the WWE, Carlito returned to his previous promotion WWC. As it stands, Carlito is still signed to this promotion.

Since joining WWC, Carlito captured more championships. Among his accomplishments, the Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship and WWC Television Championship.

Carlito is also the son of Carlos Colon Sr., and therefore a member of a prestigious wrestling family. In 2009, Carlito obtained Canadian Citizenship. 

Why Carlito Would Have Been Great For Legends Night

Pitch Bring Back Carlito

Carlito is one of those wrestlers that is mostly forgotten by many wrestling fans. Nevertheless, he was quite the amazing wrestler! 

The sad thing about this situation is that Carlito’s appearance could have lured quite a few fans. After all, it would be his first appearance in a decade on the brand.

Aside from being in WWC, Carlito has appeared in some television programs including GLOW and The Goldbergs. 

Even if you’re not familiar with Carlito’s achievements, it is important to remember that he was one of the best wrestlers in the early 2000s. In 2006, he ranked number 27 in the list of 500 of the best singles wrestlers.

It seems that the WWE truly dropped the ball on this one. If the claims from Wrestling Inc are accurate, then maybe they should consider bringing Carlito back for another special event.

The fact they simply forgot to book Carlito once again proves how little attention the company paid to his legacy over the years. The man spent several years with the company and was a fan favorite, but even this was not enough.

In the end, it is another embarrassing gaffe for the WWE. And somehow, it made Legends Night a lot less special.