WWE Eyes Controversial Royal Rumble End, Shad Khan Doubted AEW

eyes controversial rumble end

The Royal Rumble is this weekend, and we’ve learned that WWE has eyes on a controversial Rumble end. Also, Shad Khan had doubts on AEW having success initally.

WWE Eyes Controversial Royal Rumble End

With the Royal Rumble this weekend, rumors are running rampant. A big one got covered by Forbes, coming from WrestleVotes-specifically that WWE has eyes on a controversial Rumble end.

eyes controversial rumble end

Here’s the Tweet from WrestleVotes:

WreslteVotes has been pretty spot on in the past, so this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

It will be a challenging Rumble, but also perhaps one with some unique opportunities, given the lack of a live audience. WWE has shown a willingness to be creative with the ThunderDome, so there’s that.

There are now reports that indicate that WWE leadership is locked in on both match winners. There’s no indication that the scary ending did or did not win out.

There’s much to read into that tidbit, of course. Is the finish scary because of who is involved, or is it looking to make use of an insane spot (or both?).

Sunday is, of course, right around the corner. Fans will not have to wait too much longer to see how the men’s match ends, and of course, who wins it.

Shad Khan Doubted AEW

Tony Khan is the driving force behind AEW, but he had financial backing from his dad. Turns out Shad Khan had doubts on the ability of AEW to succeed.

His son, Tony, recently spoke with Renee Paquette. During his time on her Oral Sessions podcast, the younger Khan mentioned his father’s early feelings.

Tony Khan A GENIUS

Specifically, Tony mentioned that Shad Khan had doubts that AEW could be any sort of a success. Father was hesitant to believe in son’s dreams…but we can see how things have turned out thus far.

While it’s still relatively early, the younger Khan has lead the new promotion to a very successful first year and change. The company has a television deal and, prior to the pandemic, drawing in strong live crowds.

Basically, at least in the early goings, those doubts Shad Khan had on AEW were proven incorrect.

Yes, things can change over time. Look at a company like WCW, which had a solid existence and then exploded during the Monday Night Wars.

However, not long after, the company cratered and was bought by it’s competitor. Not saying that will happen to AEW, but just pointing out that how a company looks now is not always sustained.

With that in mind, Tony Khan and his team certainly seem to be making smart decisions. There are industry veterans, many of whom are familiar with the issues that lead to the demise of AEW or the struggles of other indy-type promotions.

I mean, heck, AEW might even be poised to purchase one of their competitive partner companies…

It also doesn’t hurt to have a very strong financial backer, as is the case with Shad Khan.