Snoop Dogg Jumps Off The Top Rope During His AEW Debut

Snoop Dogg AEW Debut

Snoop Dogg certainly succeeded in making a memorable AEW debut. However, the WWE may not be too happy with him at the moment, but we are surely glad he made the step.

Snoop’s Top Rope Jump

Snoop Dogg AEW Debut

Snoop Dogg probably thought he had to make a good impression during his AEW debut. Of course, it all started when he was doing the commentating during a Matt Sydal and Cody Rhodes match. 

Things took a turn when Luther and Serpentico got involved in the match. Then, Snoop decided to take a jump off the top rope and pin his opponent. 

Needless to say, it was an incredibly fun moment that reminds us all that we love wrestling. It is certainly something small that you would not see on WWE anymore.

This is not the first time Snoop has been in the world of sports lately. In fact, he also commentated a boxing match involving NBA legend Nate Robinson.

So, it seems Snoop is racking up the appearances more than releasing new albums. Fortunately for the old Snoopster, we are all loving it.

Sasha Banks also responded to her cousin’s jump off the top rope. As a pro wrestler, she was a little more critical of his work than us wrestling fans.

She would later interact with some fans on calling this rather weird move. Eventually, she came up with the name “The Snoopy Splash.”

Who knows, the Snoopy Splash may become a genuine finisher in the company. We are living for it right now!

It remains to be seen if Snoop will make a regular appearance on AEW. But for now, it is more likely that this was a one off.

Is The Bond Between WWE And Snoop Dogg Broken?

Vince McMahon

The relationship between the WWE and Snoop Dogg is not the best at the moment. And, his decision to appear on rival brand AEW is part of that reason. 

AEW itself has been quite critical of the WWE’s reluctance to let its talent engage in third party deals. And they even used Snoop Dogg to take a dig at the WWE during a backstage segment.

Naturally, we are sure the segment did not help the strained relationship between Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg and the WWE. In fact, I don’t think we will see the rapper on WWE television anytime soon.

Despite all the rumors of the strained relationship, the WWE still claims there is no bad blood between them and the rapper. However, we find this increasingly difficult to believe because of the feud between these two brands.

The reason why there is no alleged heat is due to the fact Snoop is not contracted by the WWE. But, you do have to remember he is a WWE Hall of Famer, so Vince could see this as an insult.

Obviously, the WWE is not only worried about good old Snoop, because some former WWE stars also made a recent appearance at AEW. The most notable obviously being the Good Brothers Gallows and Anderson.

Well, you know what they say. Once bitten, twice shy.

Somehow though, it seems that karma finally caught up with the WWE and in particular with its chairman Vince McMahon. Maybe it is time for the WWE to book Britney Spears?

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