Peyton Royce Unhappy With Her WWE Career, Looking For Change

Peyton Royce Unhappy With WWE Career

WWE superstar Peyton Royce recently revealed that she is unhappy with her career in the WWE. However, she is not about to give up. 

The Australian beauty recently revealed her plans to make it to the top of the wrestling industry. And it may happen sooner than we think.

Former Women’s Tag Team Champion Peyton Has A Plan

Peyton former Women's Tag Team Champion

Peyton Royce is a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. She formed a successful tag team duo with Billie Kay.

However, the tag team was broken up by the WWE. Both women now find their careers in virtual limbo.

Peyton Royce has stated that she is rather unhappy with her current WWE career. However, she also mentioned she is about to make a change in that regard. 

In a recent social media post, Peyton revealed her plans for the future. 

“I’ve been feeling far from myself lately. I’m so beyond done with watching other women fight for what should be in my hands. I can’t sit back & watch it anymore. I can’t wait for the opportunity. It won’t come. It has to be taken.”

From her statement, it is clear that Peyton is looking for opportunities to take. But which one does she have in mind?

Twitter Handle Change

Peyton Royce may be keeping her look based on the recent photographs on her social media. However, there could still be a character change in the works.

Royce recently changed her twitter handle to Relentless Royce. In other words, this could mean a complete turnaround from her previous character.

Of course, we have no idea what kind of change this would be. We do know however, that Royce can be a great heel if given the opportunity.

Was The WWE Wrong For Breaking Up The IIconics?

When the IIconics were broken up, I said back then it was a big mistake. Now, so many months later, it seems that mistake is more obvious than ever.

I will never understand why popular tag teams get split up. Tag teams are not the only ones who suffer though, because many wrestlers in the singles division saw their popularity cut short by being left backstage.

Rusev is just a prime example of a wrestler who got left behind by the WWE, for all the wrong reasons. The IIconics can comfortably be placed on that list as well.

It is not too late for the WWE to reunite The IIconics and give them a decent run with  the women’s titles. God knows why they did not get a decent run in the first place. 

At the end of the day, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay work really well together. And they are a great heel team, so why would you break up what works?

But based on Peyton’s statements, there looks to be some singles work in her future. However, it does leave me wondering what will happen to Billie Kay?

Somehow, the IIconics being broken up is a true loss for wrestling in my book. 

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