Mustafa Ali Backstage Heat, Crowd Reaction Control By Vince McMahon

Mustafa Ali Backstage Heat

Mustafa Ali allegedly has backstage heat in the WWE after a promo he did during Legends Night. Reporter Sean Ross Sapp claims someone backstage was not too happy with the promo.

Saying The Wrong Thing

Mustafa Ali allegedly said the wrong thing during legends night

During Legends Night, Ali made some comments about the WWE controlling ThunderDome reactions.

According to Sean Ross Sapp:

“I had heard that there was someone who took exception to him making light that they pipe in stuff… I asked about this, I was like, ‘What would anyone be mad at?’ And they’re like, ‘Well he said that they piped in noise.’ I said, ‘They do!’ And this person said, ‘Yeah, but we don’t want them going out there and saying that.’ I’m like, ‘Why not? It’s obvious. It’s okay. Baseball does it. Football does it. Basketball does it. Don’t treat us like we’re stupid!’”

It is not the first time the controlled reactions of the ThunderDome crowd has drawn the ire of wrestlers backstage. After all, Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon allegedly control crowd reactions.

While that would not surprise us in the least, it is interesting that Ali would get in trouble for such a well-known fact. Of course, it does nullify the actual goal of the ThunderDome, as there are no real audible reactions.

Will The WWE Give Mustafa Ali Another Live Microphone?

Mustafa Ali claims he won't get another live microphone

Mustafa Ali took to Twitter after the event occurred. In fact, Mustafa Ali made the comment that the WWE would not give him another live microphone again.

Censorship is a sensitive issue in the WWE, so I have no doubt that Ali is using this to his advantage. But based on what we know about the real person behind Mustafa Ali, I doubt he would go against the WWE officials. 

It is more likely that Ali is going along with the rumor to further his heel persona. On the flipside, him getting annoyed with the ThunderDome censorship could actually make him a fan favorite.

As a heel, it is important not to make statements the large majority of fans will agree with. Unfortunately, this is now happening for Mustafa Ali.

Fans might start to support Ali because of the ThunderDome censorship. So, you do have to wonder why Ali made the statement in the first place, knowing this is a possibility. 

But in the end, it could all be a clever ploy of the WWE to make Mustafa Ali a face once again. While he does fantastic heel work, he does make an excellent face.

I would not be quick to exclude the possibility of a clever ploy, especially if the company is thinking about turning Mustafa Ali face again. Or maybe it is as simple as an unfortunate statement without much repercussion backstage.

The rumors regarding Ali being subject to backstage heat has also been denied by some other wrestling news websites. So, at this point, there is no substantial evidence to either prove or disprove the rumor.

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