Latest On WWE Touring Again, Top Name Gone From Impact Wrestling

wwe touring again soon

WWE has not toured in almost a year thanks to the pandemic…but could WWE be touring again soon? Also, Taya Valkyrie is done with IMPACT, but will she be heading to WWE or AEW?

Latest On WWE Touring Again

As everyone is painfully aware of, we have not seen a WWE house show or anything on the road in nearly a year. So, could WWE be touring again soon?

According to some rumbling, there is a chance.

wwe touring again soon

We already have heard that there will be fans at this year’s WrestleMania. Apparently, on the heels of that, the company is considering a phased return to live touring.

As in, yes, WWE could be touring again soon.

According to WrestleVotes:

However, this is much easier to say than it will be to do.

For one thing, vaccinations in the United States have only just recently begun. Many of the early recipients are first responders and front line workers and elderly.

As in, most of the general population is still in a holding pattern. That is expected to improve in the coming months, but lots can change too.

For another concern, each state has different rules to comply with. This can easily be seen watching the football playoffs, as each team has had different amounts of fans, at the direction of state and local officials.

The other curve? WWE tours in indoor arenas.

For the most part, basketball and hockey in indoor arenas is still being done without fans, so there isn’t precedent for this yet.

So, on one hand, WWE is at least talking about touring again soon. But it is important to note that, for now, it’s not absolutely happening.

What this means is still up in the air. It may mean a return to RAW and SmackDown in front of fans, but not usual house shows for a while.

Or, it may be something else entirely.

It’s one thing to plan for a one-off major event over a set of dates. It’s another thing entirely to resume anything close to what WWE used to do when touring.

Top Name Gone From Impact Wrestling

She may have been a big star with the company, but now Taya Valkyrie is done with IMPACT.

And with that end comes questions. Like, will she head to AEW or to WWE?

Taya Valkyrie

Those were questions that her now former company actually embraced as she was written off.

The entire method of writing her off may have to be seen as somewhat a stroke of creative genius. Or, at least, just clever.

You may recall that IMPACT ended a show in 2020 on a cliffhanger, with of all things, a “shooting”.

Now, the culprit has been identified, with Taya Valkrie being busted.

The IMPACT announce team alluded that the former IMPACT Champion could be headed to AEW or WWE…though not in those exact words.

Taya Valkyrie will have her choice of new employers. With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, could she actually be a surprise in the women’s match?