Chris Jericho’s Interesting Donald Trump Donations, Val Venis Rants

Chris Jericho Interesting Donations

It recently came to light that Chris Jericho made some interesting donations, and the recipient of those may shock folks. Also, Val Venis rips WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chris Jericho’s Interesting Donald Trump Donations

In some recent news, it was revealed that Chris Jericho made some interesting donations. Those donations went to a rather polarizing figure: President Donald Trump.

Now, we will not take a position politically, but given the current climate, it is interesting to see a wrestler making substantial donations to Trump.

Chris Jericho Interesting Donations

In fairness, wrestling and politics have mingled for a while now. Former WWE Superstars have held, or do hold, some offices around the country.

Jesse Ventura was governor of Minnesota, for example. Kane is currently serving as a mayor.

Then, of course, there is Linda McMahon’s failed bids, and her time within Trump’s cabinet. So, yes, politics and wrestling are tied together.

Still, it made some surprised to learn that Jericho made numerous donations to President Trump. Specifically, Jericho donated to Trump’s 2020 failed re-election campaign.

How much?

I think I am more curious to see Jericho making donations in both his real and stage names. Not sure if that’s even allowed?

In addition to donating to Trump, Jericho had Don Jr. on his podcast. That got Jericho some heat, to which Chris Jericho responded by having Andrew Yang on, too.

Yang, you will recall, has said he’d go after Vince McMahon for how WWE treats and classifies their Superstars. Zelina Vega and others are waiting and watching…

In the grand scheme of things, who donates how much and to what causes or candidates really doesn’t need to be public knowledge, but it is.

Val Venis Rants

Given the horrific events of the past week, many have felt the need to comment-Arnold Schwarzenegger among the. In response, Val Venis rips into the WWE Hall of Famer.

The actor and former governor of California denounced the people involved and made some interesting analogies. He also tried to compare the United States to his Conan sword, implying that the country would get through these times stronger than ever.

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However, Val Venis saw it as an opportunity to rip the WWE Hall of Famer.

In fact, Venis (real name Sean Morley) used it as a chance to rail against both Schwarzenegger and, in a bit of a surprise, future WWE Hall of Famer The Rock.

Here’s the post from Venis:

It’s an interesting, if a bit of an odd, take. Many people have questioned actors, athletes and other celebrities recently, with some claiming those wealthy people are ignoring China, or just happy to benefit from Chinese business.

However, given what happened last week and how many are still reeling from things, it’s just an interesting comment to make. Given how Val Venis has gone in his years beyond WWE, however, and his hot take really shouldn’t shock us too much.