Bayley Felt “Outcast” Role In Four Horsewomen, Jeff Hardy Hurting

Bayley OutCast Four Horsewomen

Bayley was part of the Women’s Four Horsewomen, but felt like the “outcast” of the group. Also, Jeff Hardy is dealing with an injury from a spot about six week ago.

Bayley Felt “Outcast” Role In Four Horsewomen

Some argue, the Four Horsemen are the greatest stable in wrestling history. Certainly, they are somewhere near the top if not number one.

NXT recreated the faction with the Four Horsewomen. While they never placed the women on TV together, that is how they were commonly known backstage.

At one point, Bayley did not feel close with the other three (Charlotte Flair, Sasha Bank & Becky Lynch). She was the outcast, but that changed after her Banks feud in NXT.

“I was kind of like the outcast because Sasha was very close with Charlotte, and they would travel together all the time,” said Bayley. “And then she got very close with Becky, and then they travelled together all the time.”

“But I was never very close with any of them, you know. Until maybe like, obviously when we started doing the [NXT TakeOver] Brooklyn stuff. But, then Sasha and I started getting closer and closer.”

“We were always super close, text all the time. But, when it came to traveling and outside of that stuff, I was never like that with Charlotte or Becky.”

“I thought I was always like super different [than them] and I thought I was always going to be the one to outlast all of them and be the most consistent one. I guess I just saw myself differently because I had a different style, I guess. And in my own head, I just had to keep believing that I’m the best one.”

Current Status Of Each Four Horsewomen Member

Nowadays, all four women have found massive success. For starters, Flair held gold thirteen times between the main roster and NXT.

Lynch elevated her career like never before with “The Man” gimmick. She missed most of 2020 preparing for the birth of her baby alongside Seth Rollins.

Finally, Bayley had her best year yet in 2020, by holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship for 280 consecutive days. She has two combined reigns for 520 days.

All four had their moments, helping shape the current direction of the division. One thing is for sure: Bayley is no outcast.

Jeff Hardy Hurting

Back in the summer, WWE started an angle with Jeff Hardy and Elias. The feud never seems to end, with them meeting again on RAW after a month of no interaction.

The feud seemingly ended during the Symphony of Destruction. At the conclusion, Hardy hit a swanton bomb and it looked like the back of his head hit the steel steps.

“Even in that Symphony of Destruction match with Elias, people thought my head was messed up from the stairs but it was easy,” said Hardy.”My head is fine.”

“When I did the Whisper in the Wind and he hit me in the butt with the guitar, my back is still messed up from that. ‘But that’s part of the job, you know – you’re gonna get hurt.”

After rewatching the bump, it is amazing Jeff was not injured further. Still, he did not walkout unscathed.