alberto del rio trial

Alberto Del Rio has been in quite a bit of trouble in recent years, and now Alberto Del Rio’s trial is nearly beginning. In more casual news, former AEW Champion Jon Moxley is writing a book.

Alberto Del Rio Trial Beginning

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio’s trial is beginning next week.

Del Rio has been in the news a lot in recent years, and none of the news was for the good reasons you’d hope for.

 alberto del rio trial

In this case, we are nearing Alberto Del Rio’s trial for kidnapping and sexual assault is beginning soon.

Alberto Del Rio’s trial begins next week, on January 25. There is a possible end result of life in prison.

PWInsider provided some additional insight into this case, including some interesting developments that thus far have not altered the trajectory for Del Rio.

You may recall that Alberto Del Rio was accused of kidnapping and sexual assault during a nasty domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend. At the heart of things appeared to be Del Rio believing she was cheating on him.

Now, things recently took an interesting, though seemingly uneventful, turn. The ex with whom Alberto Del Rio had the issue recently posted to social media, implying the accusations were trumped up.

Unfortunately for Del Rio, the apparent admission of fake accusations was not enough to call off the trial.

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Jon Moxley Writing Book

Jon Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose, has been busy since leaving WWE. Now, Jon Moxley can add writing a book to his list of post-WWE accomplishments.

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Yes, that’s right. Jon Moxley, former AEW Champion, is going to be an author.

That news comes straight from Moxley’s wife, fellow ex-WWE employee Renee Paquette. The reveal happened on one of her recent podcast episodes.

Renee Paquette is expected to be supportive of her husband, and sometimes that means being biased. She genuinely seems excited, however.

It turns out that Moxley’s motivation came as the result of a guest writing gig he recently completed.

Renee wasn’t the only one to have read the draft, and she was not the only one to have very positive feedback on the work.

AEW’s big boss, Tony Khan, was a recent guest on Paquette’s show. He too has read some portions of Moxley’s work in progress.

Tony Khan is excited by what he’s seen so far. He is looking forward to the finished product.

Unrelated to Jon Moxley writing a book, it’s pretty exciting to me. While I have not read a wrestler’s revealing story in a while, I do remember the books cranked out by the likes of Mick Foley and Chris Jericho (among others).

If Moxley’s book is as good or better than those examples, this one will absolutely be a must-read when it is released.