AJ Styles Names Greatest Match, AEW Trouble With Former Champion

AJ Styles Greatest Match

if you ask AJ Styles, he will say his greatest match came against John Cena. Also, former AEW champion Riho has not appeared on TV in months because of COVID travel restrictions.

AJ Styles Names Greatest Match

When you need a good match, go to someone like AJ Styles. Undertaker did that and their WrestleMania 36 bout received critical acclaim.

For most of his wrestling career, Styles competed outside of WWE. His main promotions to work for included Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

During WWE The Bump, Styles was going over his 2017 Royal Rumble match with John Cena. He called that particular meeting the best of his career.

“I think about this match with John Cena and I would say, out of all the matches I’ve had, this was the best one,” said Styles. “A lot of people don’t know this, but we never left the ring in this match.” 

“We never went outside of the ring. It was all in the ring, which is not really heard of these days. I’m really proud of that match.”

It should be noted Styles never indicated if he was talking exclusively about WWE matches. He always produces mach of the night candidates, no matter what promotion or the number of fans present.

Cena vs. Styles at the Royal Rumble was a historic moment. For months, Cena had been unable to wrestle the WWE Championship away from Styles.

Then, after 24 minutes of amazing action, Cena finally captured the gold. In the process, Cena tied Ric Flair for most World Championships with 16 reigns each.

Styles is currently working on the RAW brand and has already won a bunch of WWE titles. He signed a new contact about two years ago, so the 43 year old may likely retire in WWE.

Like the nicknames states, Styles in phenomenal inside a wrestling ring.

AEW Trouble With Former Champion

When AEW crowned their first Women’s Champion, they went with a name outside of the United States. The inaugural champion was Riho, who has a past with Kenny Omega.

She held the belt for several months before dropping it. Since then, she has rarely competed for the promotion.

Her absence is due to travel issues. While she can travel from Japan to the United States for work, she would need to quarantine each time.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed her situation.

“They can bring her in,” said Meltzer. “The thing with her is she lives in Japan and then she’d have to quarantine to go back and that’s a tough deal.” 

“If she was living here she’d be on TV every week. They do bring PAC back and forth, which is kind of a hassle.” 

“He comes here for a couple of weeks, then he has to quarantine for two weeks and then go home. Two weeks just to get home.” 

“It’s not worth staying home for a week if you’ve got to take two weeks to get home; so, it’s really tough. It’s just a tough business right now; it’s a tough world.”

So, AEW has not lost hope in Riho. At the moment, traveling from one country to another is a massive hassle.

With COVID spawning into new forms, it seems like travel restrictions are tightening around the world. If AEW can avoid brining talent to the United States, it is probably the best for everyone involved.

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